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Clinical Psychology Poster

Written by Lee, on 5/11/11

Are you thinking about becoming a Clinical Psychologist? Do you know other people who are? Let them know about ClinPsy, where they can find valuable, relevant and up-to-date information in our wiki, and receive advice from like-minded individuals and professionals in our online community.

If you want to spread the word, feel free to download our poster. Prizes awarded for pictorial evidence of the most strategic poster placement!

Download (pdf)

Who is this site for?

Written by Mim, on 29/3/11

www.ClinPsy.org.uk is a site aimed at anyone with an interest in Clinical Psychology. This includes:
- people thinking about doing a psychology degree
- undergraduate psychology students
- psychology graduates looking for relevant work
- those working in 'first step on the ladder' posts like care assistant, support worker, nursing assistant, rehabilitation assistant, and doing bank work
- those working as Assistant Psychologists, Research Assistants, primary mental health worker
- people working as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, guided self-help practitioners or Low Intensity Therapists in the Improving Access to Pschological Therapies schemes
- those working as High Intensity Therapists, CBT therapists or qualified Clinical Psychologists in IAPT
- Associate Practitioners in psychology in Scotland
- Trainee Clinical Psychologists currently doing their doctoral training in clinical psychology in the UK
- International psychologists who want to work in the UK or are considering applying for the doctoral training here
- Qualified Clinical Psychologists working in all specialities, in the NHS and in private settings or independent practise (we even have a peer consultation group which is limited to qualified CPs and cannot be seen except by members of this group)
- anyone working in psychological research related to clinical psychology
- members of professions closely allied to clinical psychology who want to be part of a community of psychologists! (this currently includes a few counselling psychologists, educational psychologists and psychotherapists)

Welcome! Hopefully there is content relevant to all career stages, and a chance to connect with peers all over the UK and elsewhere in the world.


Written by Lee, on 24/3/11

A lot has been going on at ClinPsy lately, with the wiki transfer, the site redesign, the forum redesign, and introduction of advertising to say the least. Work still carries on (for it never truly ends).

More is yet to come!

A new issue of Aspire is in the works and we're anxious to get it out to you all.

If you have any comments, compliments, complaints or suggestions, please feel free to sign up to our forum and speak your mind.

Wiki on the move!

Written by Mim, on 27/2/11

So, we have begun the task of transferring the wiki content into the new website. Hopefully with the help of our wiki-keepers many hands will make light work of this massive task!