advice for finding personal therapy while a trainee

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advice for finding personal therapy while a trainee

Postby Gribblycraic » Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:25 pm


As above says i'm trying to get started looking to arrange personal therapy while a trainee, my senior clinical tutor is new to the post and I live far from my uni and the suggestion was to search out closer to home and locally, i'm just stumped where to start? They have agreed I can use my PPD budget towards it and I've look at the chartered directory on the BPS but no further along.

Any ideas or advice from those that have gone about it, thanks! :)
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Re: advice for finding personal therapy while a trainee

Postby Lancelot » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:53 am

I think that you need to start with what you will use therapy for e.g. general exploration & reflection of training, working on an anxiety, thinking about own relationship patterns. Then you can think which therapy approach & evidence base will suit. Do you particularly want to see a clinical psychologist? Or a therapist?

After you make this decision then it is easier to search for what you want. You can google it by profession, therapy & location. There are directories but make sure they are accredited by regulatory body. You can find therapists on babcp, bpc, counselling directory for example.

Look out for prices as some will reduce for trainees. Good luck!
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