What the difference between a PhD and the DClinPsy?

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What the difference between a PhD and the DClinPsy?

Postby Ruthie » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:12 am

A PhD is an academic degree (in any subject) which you earn by carrying out a substantial piece of original research and by writing a thesis which is then examined orally.

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is a vocational training program which enables you to register as a Practitioner Psychologist in the category Clinical Psychology with the HCPC, which is necessary to work as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK. It also enables you to register as a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS. Like a PhD, the clinical doctorate also involves a research thesis and an oral examination, but this research is on a much smaller scale than a PhD and constitutes only one part of DClinPsy training, which also involves clinical practice and other academic work. (More information here.)

At the end of both you can call yourself Dr. :D

A PhD by research in the field of clinical psychology does not enable the individual to practise as a clinical psychologist, only the DClinPsy does this.

mockingbird85 wrote:This will sound like such a stupid question....but what careers can you go into with a PhD instead of a DClinPsy?

The reason I ask is that the more time I spend thinking about career prospects, the more I think the DClinPsy may be wrong for me.....but I am almost certain psychology is where I want my career path to be.

The main area a PhD opens to you is academia and research. Typically people get a postdoc, then a lectureship and so on, although lots of people go into industry after a PhD, and a few people who do PhDs in psychology will go on to do the DClin.

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