Do I have enough experience to get onto clinical training?

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Do I have enough experience to get onto clinical training?

Postby Katwilliams91 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:33 pm


I have never applied for the doctorate before, in 2014 I began to write an application but became disheartened when reading others experiences and therefore didn't submit in the end. Now it's three years down the line, I have more experience and still haven't ever applied so I've decided to at least give myself a chance this year. However, I'm still concerned that only do I possibly not have enough experience, but that my experience is a bit all over the place. In summary:

2009-2012 - BSc in Forensic Psychology, gaining a (very low) 2:1 with GBC. Volunteer with Samaritans for 3 years

2012-2013 - University Certificate in Counselling alongside working as a student support worker at my university

2013-2014 - Working 3 days per week as a research assistant in an NHS trust, but in orthopaedics. Main tasks included audits, constant contact with research subjects, working on international clinical trials. Working 1 day per week as an honorary AP in a chronic pain service (did this for around 18 months in total)

2014-2016 - Working in IAPT as a PWP. Gained a merit in my PGCert

2016 - present - I gained a place on the "Think Ahead" training programme for mental health social workers, which includes a masters. I qualified as a social worker in September and have just begun my qualified post in a community psychosis team. As much as I love this job, its made me realise how much I miss doing therapy and the research side of things. I have spoken to my manager about this and as a result she is allowing me to run the Hearing Voices group alongside our clinical psychologist, and I will also be completing a research study this year to complete my masters, which will be presented at a conference at the end of this academic year. I gained a merit in my PGDip last year, which will convert to a masters once my dissertation has been completed.

Do I have enough experience? I realise that I have jumped about a bit over the past few years, but I think it is in doing so that I've realised that clinical psychology is definitely my end goal. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Do I have enough experience to get onto clinical trainin

Postby Esuma » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:32 pm

It sounds like you have a really good amount of varied experience to me but (disclaimer) I have no real idea apart from Reading this forum! It’s my first attempt at applying too this year, I don’t have much experience myself (5 years working in mainly support work roles) but if you don’t try then you’ll never know! From what I’ve heard numerous times it’s all about how you reflect on your experience, what you’ve learned and how you understand the role rather than the experience per we except that you have the ‘minimum’ which you definitely have. It sounds like you just need to try it out this year - you might not get on but you’ll learn about the process and hopefully have more chance next year. Go for it and stop comparing yourself to others but consider what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown from your experience
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Re: Do I have enough experience to get onto clinical trainin

Postby miriam » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:52 am

It sounds like you have reasonable clinical experience, but the courses that would consider someone with a low 2:1 without a completed masters degree are very limited. You could try to apply to some with assessment days, as it will only cost you the time of doing the form and the small processing fee, but I think the masters and more experience working directly with a CP and gaining their supervision would enhance your application for future years.

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