Converting from Mental health Nursing

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Converting from Mental health Nursing

Postby Livia » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:36 pm

Hi everyone,

I am currently undertaking my BSc in Mental health nursing, and while I love what I'm doing I am starting to think about applying to a conversion MS after I graduate, in the hopes of eventually becoming a CP.

I have been looking around at conversion courses and have found some require 60 credits in psychology, and was wondering if it would be best completing these credits alongside my degree or if anyone knows an alternative way to achieve them?

Also, if I was to complete the conversion, would my experience working as a nurse be considered as relevant if I was to apply for an assistant psychologist position and in terms of applying for the Doctorate? During my training I've met quite a few HCA's / NA's who are gaining experience in mental health in the hopes of becoming CP, however I've got it in my head that nursing wouldn't be acceptable experience. I'm not sure why I've started to think this, maybe because of the focus on the medical model or maybe they would see me as 'uncommitted' for leaving nursing?

I just wondered if anyone had any advice on either of these points or words of wisdom?
Thanks :)
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Re: Converting from Mental health Nursing

Postby Psyfer » Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:44 pm

I have often thought that the best route into psychology would be via an undergraduate in mental health nursing or occupational therapy.

I imagine your nursing experience will put you at the top of the pile!

I felt as a psychology graduate that I spent a lot of time doing HCA work in my early 20s which didn't provide anything like the level of responsibility of nursing (e.g. shift and risk management) and left me languishing without developing my skills when I had so much energy and drive to learn.

In terms of the 60 credits I would consider carefully if it's a good idea doing them alongside your degree as you need to get a 2.1 (minimum) and ideally should get over 65%.

There are lots of places that offer the 60 credits e.g. open university, possibly Derby (online) and most places with a conversion course will offer the 60 credits.

I am not sure if you would need to do an assistant position. They are extremely competitive (c150 applicants per job) and poorly paid.

You could consider a nursing role with CP supervision (e.g. primary care mental health worker in Scotland) and/or if necessary gaining some nursing experience then training as a CBT therapist.

Nursing is is such a varied profession and some of the experience will he hugely relevant and easier to access as a qualified member of staff than as a psychology grad. (You could complete an audit, get CP supervision, be involved in research etc all as a nurse).

This is just my opinion, I am not a CP.
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Re: Converting from Mental health Nursing

Postby Livia » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:21 pm

Thank you so much for your reply!!

I feel a lot better now, I think I've been overthinking it and I do love nursing so I'm glad you think the experience will be helpful!
Thank you again :D
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