Trainee PWP vs. Assistant psych

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Trainee PWP vs. Assistant psych

Postby Maango » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:21 pm

Hi guys! Hope the new year is treating you all well! :D

I'm back with another dilemma in what role I should pick!! I've been offered a trainee pwp role and an assistant psych role and I'm undecided about which one I should go for! Looking through the forum I have found a lot of similar threads, however most of these date back to 2013/2014, and being in 2018 I know times a'changing! Let me put things into a bit of perspective...

Trainee pwp role:
Full time role, close to my home town (so no need to pay rent, considering the low salary you are employed on with this role), Insight healthcare, so not necessarily NHS. Typical responsibilities of a PWP, which I'm sure most people will be aware of, I've been told there is a lot of work with clients over the phone!

Assistant psych role:
3 days a week in the NHS (although will need to pay rent as the role is in London, however it is higher pay than the PWP role which means stability in my finances and survival! :lol: ). Main responsibilities include assessment of dementia in the elderly using tools such as the RBANS, along with support around intervention. Group supervision is provided by a clinpsych once a month, whilst weekly supervision is provided by a CBT nurse specialist (I guess this will mainly be service as opposed to clinical supervision).

I currently work as a full time AP in a neuro-rehabilitation setting for brain injury. Although my desire is to go with the AP role as its less hours (better work/life balance), experience with a client group I have not worked with before, and in the NHS (I currently do not have any experience working in the NHS). I am still torn between the trainee pwp role as it offers the qualification (my plan b). In my eyes, the PWP qualification gives me the stability for the future to be employed in this clinical role should clinical psychology not work out for me, although I am aware that PWP work is very different to work of a psychologist.

Reading people's experience, I have noticed that the traditional route is to be employed as a PWP and then gain an AP role - I guess my concern here is that already being in a position of an AP role, am I taking a step backwards if I were to now take the trainee PWP role when another AP role is available? It appears that people will go into an AP role from a PWP as opposed to the other way round?

I am understanding that looking at the "What exp did you have when you got onto training" thread, there are many people who have gained a spot on training with PWP experience, however how likely is this to occur in this day and age, with training becoming more competitive as the years pass!? And PWP and Psychology being two completely different career paths?...

I guess my main question is, what would you do in this situation with the above factors? :lol:

I'm hoping that this thread becomes a sort of pros and cons list for future readers who may find themselves in the same situation!

Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance to any replies! (hopefully people will reply with their own experiences, knowledge and opinions! >.< )
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Re: Trainee PWP vs. Assistant psych

Postby maven » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:38 pm

It isn't a step backwards to go from AP to PWP, it is a step sideways. However, if CP is your goal I'd take the AP role, as it is in the NHS and has CP supervision, but if you are anxious and want a lower level career to fall back on, then being a PWP isn't a bad alternative.

But watch that pejorative language. "The elderly" are not a homogenous mass, older people are individual people who have lived a while already.

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Re: Trainee PWP vs. Assistant psych

Postby mungle » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:10 am

To echo what Maven has written, I remember training as a PWP with people who had already been APs and then went on to CP training. A PWP post is relevant for any CP training but particularly those courses with a CBT focus e.g. Bath. However, the AP post may be the better option for the reasons Maven outlined above.
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