Occupational health - depression.

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Occupational health - depression.

Post by Miffyfoofoo » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:24 pm

Hi all,

I have been offered a new job - pending references and occupational health. I'm currently filling out my occupational health forms and I'm a bit worried. It says "if any information is false or has been deliberately omitted, you may be regarded as ineligible for employment or liable to be dismissed." I have a history of mental health problems and have recently started anti-depressants again. I've written the time period in the past I had health problems (2003-2006) but I feel worried about putting down being on medication currently. Will it hamper me getting the job?

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Re: Occupational health - depression.

Post by Alex » Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:04 pm

Hi Miffyfoofoo

Occupational health are there to support you in your job not to stop people from working without very good reason. You are being actively treated for depression so there is no reason why this will hamper you. You cannot lie anyhow as it is on your health records (which they sometimes request). I would not foresee a problem.

Have a search on the forum, there is a wiki about OH and training.

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Re: Occupational health - depression.

Post by Ruthie » Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:24 pm

Not disclosing it would be a big mistake if they later found out that you had omitted it. You really don't need to worry. OH are there to support you and many people take anti-depressants. The NHS and mental health service staff are no different in that respect. Many of my colleagues are quite open about taking anti-depressants or having counselling or CBT.

Declaring it may protect you later (e.g. if you needed to take time of sick and the appropriateness of your sick leave was queried) or if you need to seek support to do your job via occupational health. OH will not tell your manager unless it is deemed essential (which I very much doubt it would be).

They might ask you to come and meet with them to discuss but this discussion will be more about how to support you doing your job, not to try to stop you from having it so if you do get invited to meet them, try to see it as a positive step and not any kind of punitive move or barrier to you starting your job.

Hope that helps!

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