Feel like a failure/new employment issues

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Feel like a failure/new employment issues

Post by Rapunzel » Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:41 pm

Hello everyone!

This is a rather negative post as I'm feeling so deflated and like a failure in life! Ugh, not nice.

Basically, my situation is that I moved to a new city for a couple of reasons and have not found a new job. I moved because I have been wanting to live with my boyfriend for almost a year and had been talking about it almost daily and he just purchased a new house. A really exciting time and I love this new phase of my life! The second reason why I moved now is due to several issues that happened in my job role. I worked as a support worker and there were constant understaffing that lead to increase frustration and violence from patients, constant changing managers that couldn't cope in the roles, bed management sending patient to the ward that were not suitable for the ward environment ++. It al escalated to the point were I was physically attacked at work (by a patient) and couldn't even take sick leave due to understaffing. I decided to move on and left my position a couple months later.

So, here I am and I have vigorously been applying for assistant psychologist roles. I had one interview a couple months back that led to nothing and from then on nothing. I'm just feeling very deflated by the whole process and wondering if anyone else is/or has been in the same position?!

Thanks, Rapunzel

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Re: Feel like a failure/new employment issues

Post by astra » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:04 pm

It's not uncommon to have periods where you just can't get relevant work experience. It's always been the way, that graduate psychologists struggle to get those "foot on the ladder" type jobs. When I was in that position many years ago, I was advised to do voluntary work and fund it by temp work in another field. That worked for me for a time while I kept applying for the "real experience" jobs. As you're in a new place, maybe something like bar work, or retail, while you do some voluntary stuff (Samaritans or some sort of befriending for example), would be a way to suss out what's around, make some contacts and apply for more suitable jobs. There are no easy answers, but we've all been there and we've mostly come out the other end.
Good luck.
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Re: Feel like a failure/new employment issues

Post by maven » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:21 pm

You've gone from a small amount of experience in one unsuccessful example of support work (prolific and relatively easy to get) and are now applying exclusively for AP posts (fairly rare and highly competitive. It is no surprise at all to me you haven't got anything straight away! Apply for some support work, care assistant, residential care worker, nursing assistant, rehab assistant type jobs, and then start trying to build the experience that will help when you apply for AP posts.

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