First Honorary AP post

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First Honorary AP post

Post by shakti » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:32 pm


I will be starting my first honorary AP post- research. Im a bit stressed as I haven't properly brushed up on my research knowledge yet. Was wondering what are other people experiences when on honorary contracts ? Do they usually provide induction? or expect you to know all the stuff from the beginning? I would be really happy to hear about other AP's experiences ? :) :D

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Re: First Honorary AP post

Post by workingmama » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:17 am

Hi Shakti,

Welcome to the site!

I'm afraid I was never an AP, so I can't tell you first hand, but having worked with lots of APs and some honorary APs, I'd say please don't worry about what is expected of you. I will absolutely guarantee you that no-one is going to quiz you on fundamentals of psychology, and that everyone would expect an AP to be committed, interested, and enthusiastic, but not necessarily to have all the skills already in their pocket. You will work with (especially as an honorary AP) specific named folks responsible for setting work for you and guiding you, and you can ask them if you don't understand something. If there are already APs in the team, they will be a huge source of help, and tend to be very supportive and friendly.

Was there anything specific you felt you might need to know, or was it more free floating general pre-post worry?

Lots of luck

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