Can an employer rescind a job offer?

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Re: Can an employer rescind a job offer?

Post by ManonFire » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:40 pm

Bravado was the wrong word, bravery or nerve perhaps more what I meant, apologies.

You've described something there BlueCat I've wondered about for some time, remaining open, honest, centralised, objective during interactions. For me, it helps to almost shed emotionality from interactions, keeps me thinking clearly. However in my private endeavours I often wonder if I am foolishly giving people the benefit of the doubt, that they too will be open, central and honest, when in actuality they have an agenda to run and it rarely ends well unless you have well-above average value. Now for me, this might be more so the case in private businesses, rather than within statutory settings such as the NHS. For example I worked with someone who did as you stated and then felt victimised by them on a panel they faced a year later. Maybe that approach is more applicable to some environments? The industry being so small definitely has advantages and disadvantages.
It probably is bad to pull out once the recruitment processes are moving, but if you suddenly get interviewed and a better offer comes in, it makes sense to go for it. Would it be really naughty to have two recruitment processes moving until you actually got into post, after all, can't be too careful :twisted: :D

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