National Workforce Survey - please complete

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National Workforce Survey - please complete

Post by maven » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:52 am

The New Savoy Partnership (NSP) and Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) are conducting an Annual Workforce Wellbeing Survey, which they have done annually since 2014, but have recently revamped after work at Cardiff university. They have also developed a Staff Wellbeing & Resilience Charter and Collaborative Learning Network (CLAN).

I would encourage anyone working in psychology to complete the survey and to share the links with your professional networks. It is open until 18th Feb, so you don't have that long. You don't need to be a qualified CP or working in the NHS, they just want the experience of people who are currently working in the UK, within an organisation (e.g. NHS, independent sector, third sector), as a psychological practitioner. Why not do it right now by clicking the links below.

The survey takes 5-15 minutes to complete and assesses three key areas:

(1) Demographic and background information

(2) Workplace wellbeing

(3) General wellbeing.

All responses are anonymous unless you wish otherwise. Results from this survey may be published but no individuals will be personally identifiable. Further information is contained within the survey.

Results will be presented at the 11th New Savoy Conference for Psychological Therapies in London, March 21st & 22nd 2018: ... apies-2018

Survey Link: ... pBpZHPMfhX

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