Workplace Bullying?

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Workplace Bullying?

Post by TiaJade » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:44 pm

Hi guys! I have posted on here somewhat recently regarding some work I did within my team and leaving it with them when I was offered another position. I read your comments and reflected and told my team they could have everything I’d put together and that I felt proud my work would continue to help even after I’d left.

I’m currently on the last week on my notice - which I handed in the day I received my offer to the ClinPsy and Team Leader. He was very happy for me and worked with my new manager to get HR moving along and I have my unconditional appointment letter. He left the team yesterday and wished me the best of luck etc. As soon as he left the service manager of my current position rang and said I couldn’t leave as she had not been given my notice by the Team Leader. She stated I owed them hours so my leave would be longer and they needed a psychologist on the team. I’m an AP there is no qualified Psychologist. I apologised and informed her I was unaware she as service manager had not been informed by the team lead and that as I wasn’t leaving the trust just this team (LD to mental health but same Trust) I wasn’t aware that I would owe them hours. She stated I cannot start my new position until my new manager has given me a start date. I explained my father in law is in final stages of cancer and my new service manager was happy for me to start the week following my notice. My current service manager said I’d lose my pension and my behaviour is cause for disciplinary action. She stated because of my
actions there will be no one to run the groups projects I had put together.

I rang the “boss to be” and she informed me the service manager has been ringing over the past three weeks to negotiate me staying PT which my new boss doesn’t want (neither do I) .... which actually means the service manager was always aware of my notice.

She has said this is a formal disciplinary procedure and will go on my record. Then the nurse that doesn’t particularly like me said “your a band 4, your not special” and said psychologists always try to get away with this stuff. I literally have no idea what I did exactly but I’m so anxious and afraid of going to work. No I’m not in a union (regrettable).

So they have my materials but no one to facilitate the groups and are very angry and I’m not sure what I do or did..? Ideas?

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Re: Workplace Bullying?

Post by miriam » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:36 am

It sounds like someone who has just realised how much they will miss having a CP and an AP panicking and trying to assert the little bit of power they have. Don't take it personally. Some suggestions:

a) you can join the union now, it isn't too late
b) speak to HR in the trust and ask about the rules for moving from one position to another within the trust, and then raise with them that you feel this hasn't been handled well and you'd like your concerns about how you have been treated by this individual recorded
c) speak to OH about the stress you are being placed under and your feelings of not being able to go into work
d) if need be, get signed off sick by your GP so you can look after yourself and support your partner with his father's illness for a couple of weeks until you change role. Your own wellbeing and those of your loved ones is more important than work.

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Re: Workplace Bullying?

Post by NotReally » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:12 pm

Sorry you had to go through that, it sounds awful. (As does this reply coming what sounds like a little late, sorry)

As miriam has suggested, I think a workplace union could help. I remember attending a union talk a while ago, and although I didn't join as I was only there for a little while, and I was pretty easy about most stuff given my situation at the time so didn't anticipate the need tbh, they did mention you can join once a problem arises.

Alternatively, citizens advice offer advice re: leaving a position (and other employment issues). They sound like they might be worth going through tbh.

Also, if they have been negotiating with your potential new boss, it suggests they know there isn't much they can do. If they were in the right, they may have advised them about the facts of the matter (a courtesy because they worked in the same trust, I wouldn't expect this if you were leaving for good) but not negotiated. The fact you are moving departments within the same trust and have an unconditional appointment letter also suggests they must have known.

Tbh, I'm most worried about the mention of disciplinary action. I don't know if you've resolved this already, but given you're still staying in the same trust and the problem seems to be (even if we believe the service managers story) that the team leader ultimately failed in his responsibilities (as well as your current service manager outright lying if we believe what it looks like), I'd move teams and then make an official complaint. It can't be healthy hearing that as an AP.

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Re: Workplace Bullying?

Post by maven » Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:41 am

I wondered how this panned out?

"My current service manager said I’d lose my pension" - if you haven't already checked, I can confirm this isn't true. You can have up to a 3 month break and still count as continuous service for the pension scheme and NHS rights. But you could always get it as unpaid leave if you are worried, or even compassionate leave if your new manager is sympathetic. These types of leave don't affect your pension rights either.

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