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Expert witness

Post by yana19790 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:42 pm

Hello all, sorry for such a long read, I would appreciate an advice on expert witness work legal issues - I am a BPS chartered psychologist with a PhD in clinical psychology, qualified and trained in CP abroad, here working mostly privately so far and doing some works in research, as also competed “research methods in neuropsychology” master here in the UK. I don’t have a clinical training here and am not registered with HCPC. As I am in the directory of chartered psychologists and have “clinical psychology” mark in the profile, I am sometimes contacted by medico-legal agencies with requests to perform a report on their clients with depression, PTSD etc. I am quite experienced in diagnostic matters and can suggest a diagnosis, especially if already given all previous medical, psychological reports on this person.
The question that bothers me, is that I have to write a statement of compliance at the end of such reports with an idea of the report to be presented in court. However all such reports I was able to read, were written by trained expert witnesses and I am not the one. Despite the fact, that I am usually informing the legal agency about this fact, they still want me to do the appointment. Probably, because my price is cheaper. 🤔
However I’m still hesitating, whether I am legally able to do this and now I am about to send one ready report over, so wondering whether I should hold on and cancel?
Any advice would be much appreciated. BPS is only providing me with the link on guidance for expert witnesses already trained, so not much use for me. Also they told me, that it’s not my worry about what I am asked to do as a psychologist, whether I am registered or not, it should be a problem if the company, that is hiring me. Can anyone tell me whether this is true in this case?

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