Independent Res publications?

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Independent Res publications?

Post by ManonFire » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:40 pm

Anyone ever tried to publish something as an independent researcher? I did an online survey last year with over 100 respondents and would like to try publish my work somewhere. It would also obviously help to fill out my publications section on the clinical psychology application form.
I've been looking for papers to follow structure-wise and content-wise, if anyone knows of others with just survey research as the medium of data collection I'd be grateful. For the method design section I'm getting a bit confused as it was an online survey with MCQs and 'comment' fields. So that leaves me with descriptive and correlational data but also some qualitative data to report on. I'm not sure how i could go about compiling and interpreting that, I've thought about thematic analysis. It does seem to be a mixed-methods approach that best fits for a meaningful discussion of the results.
Any help or thoughts much appreciated :)

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