Participants for a mindfulness experiment

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Participants for a mindfulness experiment

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Hi everybody! My name is Ciarán, I am a final year student in the Higher Diploma in Psychology in Dublin Business School (DBS).

My research is a quasi experiment to test the impact of an online mindfulness training programme. I’m coming from a ‘positive psychology’ point of view to ask whether mindfulness training can improve psychological well-being.

Participation will involve completing a questionnaire (should take less than 10 minutes), followed by a mindfulness training programme which consists of 10 minutes of guided instruction per day for 10 days. A computer that can play sound, a quiet space and a chair is all that’s required or alternatively the training can be accessed through a smartphone app. Finally, I will ask participants to complete a similar questionnaire (again, less than 10 minutes) after the final day of the training.

This project has been approved by the Dublin Business School ethics committee and is being supervised by Dr. Chris Gibbons

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you would be interested in becoming a participant just send me an e-mail!

Feel free to share with family friends and colleagues! The only criteria for participation is that participants are over 18 years of age.

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