Heterosexual Male Therapists required for client survey TW

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Re: Heterosexual Male Therapists required for client survey

Post by Pink » Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:35 pm

Hey Folks,

just a brief update to this (I have the client's permission to share this). I bumped into this client recently, and after our work together ended (constraints of NHS resources) she went into private therapy with a male therapist to address some of these issues. She's been working with him for over six months now and really is starting to trust him, and they sound as though they are doing some deeply healing work together. She asked me to pass on her deep and sincere thanks to the anonymous clinicians who answered this survey, as she found it a very powerful exercise, and has kept the responses. They meant a huge amount to her, and were what motivated her to take the risk of working with him. She described reading through them over and over again recently before deciding to disclose some of her history to him, and how powerful his warm and containing response was. She asked me to tell the clinicians who responded that their open, generous and thoughtful responses were 'literally life-changing' for her.

Thank you guys. I was really moved to hear what she was saying and just how powerful this had been for her-it really has meant the world to her and opened up so many doors. The shift in her was palpable. She has phenomenal courage I think, but these responses really helped her.

Thank you guys

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