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CTQ query

Post by Nephthys » Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:45 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm in the midst of thesis at the moment and had a question about the CTQ (childhood trauma questionnaire) short form, which I'm using for my research. Unfortunately, I don't have the manual and my supervisor is notoriously difficult to get a response from (still waiting for answers from him about other questions!), so I thought I'd try on here.

If anyone has access to the manual, I was wondering if it has cut offs or classifications (i.e. no trauma, mild history etc.) for total scores. I am aware that there are cut offs for each sub-category but the internet fails to give me details about whether the manual provides something similar for the overall score. Classification isn't hugely important for my research but if the information is available it would be useful for my descriptive stats.


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