questionnaires on spss

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questionnaires on spss

Post by happyfeet » Sun May 25, 2014 9:08 pm

Hello everyone

This is probably a very stupid question so forgive me. I am in the middle of my research project. I am very much more comfortable with quali research so decided to challenge myself and do something quantitative. While my decision was motivated by a genuine desire to learn, I am now feeling a little out of my depth. I have collected my data using a survey that was made up of a number of questionnaires. I think I have figured out how to enter and code all my raw data but I am confused about how I break down the data separately for each questionnaire. I can see how to do all of the individual questions from each questionnaire but is there a way to group all the data that comes in from each questionnaire within the survey?

Sorry - I know this is probably a terribly obvious question but I think I have stared at this all so long I can't see anything straight anymore.

If anyone could direct me to a resource that could help me with this, I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks :D

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Re: questionnaires on spss

Post by sarahg » Sun May 25, 2014 9:54 pm

Hello, do you mean adding up the individual items to compute a total score for each scale?
If so go to Transform>Compute Variable>Put a new name in the target variable name box e.g. 'TotalSocial' > add the item variables that form that variable from the left hand box to the numeric box (e.g. S1+S2+S3...Sn).

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