Please help with my MSc study about alcohol consumption

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Please help with my MSc study about alcohol consumption

Post by itsme » Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:19 pm

Hi guys,

I am looking for university students who frequently drink more than the government recommended maximum amount of alcohol per day (i.e. you regularly drink more than 4 units/day if you are a man, or more than 3 units/day if you are a woman) for an online study.

The study involves viewing visual material and completing some questions about your drinking habits and attitudes to health. You will then be asked to complete some more questions after about a week and after about a month. The study should take less than 45 minutes in total and if you complete all three surveys you will get a £7 Amazon voucher.

The study is being undertaken as part of my MSc at University College London and is supervised by Dr Sunjeev Kamboj. It has been approved by the UCL research ethics committee, project ID number 0760/002.

Here is the link: ... source=in1

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