How to start a research project? Funding Advice please

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How to start a research project? Funding Advice please

Post by Maisiemoo » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:46 am

Hi all
I have an idea about a research project I would like to conduct. I think I have a good enough idea about it to put together a research proposal. It is quite a specific project and would result in one article written at the end, I dont think there would be any smaller subprojects coming off it.
At the moment, I have a BSc and PgDip but no masters or phd.
If I wanted to go about undertaking this research how would I need to go about doing it? Would I apply for a masters or a phd? And if i did that would I also need to take study modules?
Also, if there are no researchers in my local universities interested in this area, is it common to distance work?
Does anyone ever do research thats not part of a masters or phd and how would you get funding then?

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Re: How to start a research project? Funding Advice please

Post by w013 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:57 pm

Hello. I don't think there is an easy way to do this without further training and supervision from a more senior researcher. One possible route would be to identify key researchers in your field and to find out what opportunities there are to do research degrees at their university - this could be as part of a taught Masters e.g.MSc or a research masters e.g.MRes or MPhil. You would normally need to take further courses at least in research methods and statistics / or qual analysis depending on your research questions.

When you have identified someone, or better still a few, it would be a good idea to contact them directly and ask if they are able to or interested in supervising you as a student at their university. Not everyone will want to or be able to. They may agree that your idea is very good and worth pursuing or they may not agree and may give you useful feedback. It is always better to do research which fits well with your supervisor's programme of research. That means that they are more motivated and more knowledgeable and have better resources and contacts to support you, and often a team you become part of.

When you have found someone who is willing to supervise you on that project or perhaps something related that they feel is a better match for them or a better / more important question / or more researchable given the resources available, you would then register for the degree and get on with writing a formal proposal. If this is approved then you would apply for ethics and then and only then start data collection.

Hope that makes sense. Hope it is an idea others will get behind. Good luck

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