Recruiting participants?

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Recruiting participants?

Post by kk84 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:15 am

Hi, I'm currently training to be an occupational therapist. As part of my course I am required to conduct a research study, and I am very interested in conducting this among individuals with binge eating disorder.

At the moment I am concerned about how I can recruit participants, since binge eating disorder is not typically treated in eating disorder services in my area (Leeds). So far I've gained permission to advertise through Beat, Student Minds, and The Student Room. I wondered if anyone might know of any other avenues through which I might gain participants? Any help or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)

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Re: Recruiting participants?

Post by steffisoh » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:09 am

You may wish to try ED support groups and forums :)

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