Forensic Psychology Student - Dissertation Ideas

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Forensic Psychology Student - Dissertation Ideas

Post by natalie427 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:48 pm


I have quickly learnt in this masters of mine , that the police, prisons , victims , offenders etc are all outside of the sample I am able to gather, I don't have the contacts and my tutors are all very adamant that no-one will help from organisations who deal with the above.

So I can up with two ideas which I find interesting , I am very interested in peoples attitudes towards the police , I want to know if people believe in the police or whether they see them as 'a waste of time' . I would also like to discover if this attitude relates to the decision of whether they would report a minor crime or not etc.

Another idea I had: basically this era is full of technology now and no-one seems to be getting away from it . My grandparents both have IPADS and access to the internet and like to shop online etc. I would like to do some research into whether older individuals feel safe on the internet or whether they believe they would benefit from some sort of training (to avoid scams etc) - this is down to the assumption that the older generation have not bee raised on this technology and haven't had the experience like the younger generation.

I am totally open to ideas , my tutors really didn't impress me . They seem to resort back to the same statement of 'use university students' , which I feel is a bit of a failure on my behalf .

So basically, if you have any alternative ideas or would like to give me your opinions on the above, that would be super. Or if you have any tips in developing my ideas? . Some topics I am interested in are below:

- I am also interested in why people who witness a crime do not intervene, and what factors would apply for someone to intervene. I have a small idea of somehow giving an individual two scenarios with one change in factor (i.e. victims relation) and seeing if them factors alter their willingness to intervene.

- EWT - Im interested in Eye witness testimony - especially focus of a weapon.
- Terrorism - Really interested in this area - but I have no idea how research can be done on it .

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Re: Forensic Psychology Student - Dissertation Ideas

Post by miriam » Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:07 pm

There was a good paper on the psychology of terrorism in the Psychologist a few years ago, that might lead to some inspiration. But with research, you need something you can find a supervisor who is enthusiastic about.

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Re: Forensic Psychology Student - Dissertation Ideas

Post by cral » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:59 pm

I agree terrorism would be a fascinating area to explore, especially within the current climate. I'm not familiar with the literature on this but from my own interests, I would find it interesting to see if people stereotype people who commit terrorist acts i.e. who is the typical terrorist or what are peoples explanations of why people commit terrorists acts or even the publics attitudes towards the criminal justices treatment of terrorists. Another interesting question would be how safe do people feel from terrorist acts?

There's many methods that could be utilised: you could utilise vignettes, images with ratings of degree of beliefs or you could complete qualitative interviews; it would really all depend upon the research question.

Good luck.

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Re: Forensic Psychology Student - Dissertation Ideas

Post by natalie427 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:19 am

I thought I would update this (incase anyone was interested), but my dissertation idea is finally sorted and I have just received some advice on my proposal form (of course it was never going to be perfect).

My dissertation is going to be based on discovering the influence that terrorism has on decision-making.
A large amount of research has been conducted on terrorism and its influence on tourists decisions but I wanted to look at it from a broader level - more day-to-day decision-making.

I am actually going to look into the relationship between characteristics of terror attacks (e.g. frequency, level of damage/consequence, location etc) and decision-making, risk-taking and anxiety.

I will then look into decision-making and see if that relates to the thinking style and risk attitude of the participant .


Thank you to those who responded to my original post. Much appreciated.

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