Participants wanted: Support workers, healthcare assistants, caregivers please

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Participants wanted: Support workers, healthcare assistants, caregivers please

Post by b50142 » Mon May 06, 2019 4:08 pm

Hi everyone!

I am a MSc Psychology student at Sheffield Hallam University being supervised by Hannah Witherstone. This study was approved by the Research Ethics Working Group of the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics.

Currently, I am looking for support workers (or a similar role such as healthcare assistant or carer) to answer my questionnaire about vicarious trauma and personality types. Vicarious trauma is the physical, psychological and spiritual changes that can occur from an individual witnessing the pain, fear and terror that trauma survivors have endured. Very little research has been conducted on vicarious trauma and support workers therefore it is important this research is done to get as much recognition as other healthcare professionals.

The definition of support worker is someone who looks after the well-being of vulnerable people. They help people to live their lives as independently as possible and support them in reaching their potential, through both practical and emotional support. A support worker role will vary depending on the person you’re supporting, but generally speaking you will be supporting vulnerable people with many aspects of their day-to-day living, helping them to take care of themselves and live a fulfilled life. Different people will need support for different reasons. For instance, they may have mental health needs, learning disabilities, medical conditions or physical disabilities.

The questionnaire is about 20 minutes long. All data collected will be anonymous and will form as part of my dissertation
Thanks for any responses.

Link to the questionnaire:

If you have any concerns regarding the study, do not hesitate to contact:
Student researcher:
Hannah Witherstone (Supervisor:)

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