Psychology Fringe Festival & Beyond the Therapy Room

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Psychology Fringe Festival & Beyond the Therapy Room

Post by Will » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:30 pm

Hi all,

Just a quick post to tell you that tickets are now available for our January events in Cardiff!

The Psychology Fringe Festival involves a range of FREE fringe events on 17 & 18th January 2018, involving art, theatre performance and poetry sessions led by people with experience of mental health services. These events are open to everyone with an interest in mental health, and are happening in the evenings around the Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference. We have an amazing line up - you can find out more and book tickets at ... gy-fringe/

The Beyond the Therapy Room conference follows on the 19th January 2018; this non-profit conference looks at innovative ways in which psychological professionals can work in broader ways to support psychological wellbeing across society. This year the focus of the conference is on children & young people. Conference tickets start at just £10. It is open to anyone; both mental health professionals and members of the public. Tickets for BtTR are available at ... 55?aff=es2 and you can find out more information at ... rapy-room/

We are very passionate about these events and want to do our bit in facilitating conversations and bridging gaps between services and people, to help improve wellbeing at a societal level. Come and join us!

Best wishes,

Dr Will Curvis, Clinical Psychologist
On behalf of the BtTR and Psychology Fringe team / / @clinpsychfringe
Ponderings and wonderings in 140 characters - @willcurvis

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