Book recommendation?

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Book recommendation?

Post by HansKolpinghuis » Sat May 11, 2019 3:03 pm

Hi all!

I am a Psychology graduate and I hold a MA in General Health Psychology... Spain.

I came to the UK to develop my career as a psychologist and quickly realized one massive issue: I know a lot about psychology... in Spanish!!!!
All the assessment methods, the specific therapies, even the less common mental illnesses... I realized I'm having quite a hard time to spot them in English.

That's why I decided to study. In Spain we have this big manuals that are our references, they gather the latest advancements in each area, so you could have all the knowledge in a book that keeps updating yearly. I assume that's what I am looking for but in English!
Could someone recommend the basics for the following topics?:

- Psychopathology
- Psychological assessment
- Adult psychotherapies/treatments
- Clinical psychology

Thank you all! The time has come for me to study... again!

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