Tell me something cool you have learnt or achieved recently

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Tell me something cool you have learnt or achieved recently

Post by miriam »

I just had an independent social and economic impact report completed about the tools we have built around a questionnaire I designed. It can be accessed here. It said loads of brilliant things about the impact we are making on children's lives, and that we save over £100 for the public purse for every £1 spent on our service. I always hope that I'm doing good in the world, and that there is measurable impact from the training and tools I've developed, but that's amazing to read. It made me think about how often I/we share the awkward and unsuccessful stuff, but how loathe I/we can be to share achievements.

So, no matter how trivial or magnificent, share something you have learnt or achieved recently.

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Re: Tell me something cool you have learnt or achieved recently

Post by Geishawife »

This might seem very trivial to some, but it really lifted me. Yesterday, after a very demanding day at work, I took our dogs for a nice, leisurely walk whilst hubby got dinner ready and daughter did her homework. I met an older gentleman, sitting in a bench, watching the world go by. The dogs trotted up to him and I started to call them back when he told me he was very happy for them to make a fuss of him. He then proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had owned Irish Red Setters in the past. I spent half an hour sitting with him as he told me some wonderful stories of the adventures he and his wife had had with their dogs and the pleasure they had received from them. He then told me that his wife had, very sadly, passed away earlier this year. after 60 years of marriage. He misses her every day, but seeing our dogs had made him feel she was close by and would always be with him, which was a great comfort. As I left he asked if I could take the same route again next week so that he could see the dogs again. I will happily do that.
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