choosing a psychologist clinical supervisor - please help!

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choosing a psychologist clinical supervisor - please help!

Post by Such_a_lovely_girl » Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:06 am

I would be grateful for any help and advice anyone on here can provide.

I work as a primary mental health worker in the charity sector for children. Tier 2 is integrated with camhs physically but is quite separate otherwise. My role is with an early years specialism and will involve visiting nurseries and children's centres to talk about children's mental health. The team at times can be quite anti nhs which is something that coming from the nhs I am struggling a bit with but isn't my main concern currently. There is no scope for anyone from tier 3 to supervise me due to a conflict of interest between the nhs and charity, plus capacity issues. However, I am free to choose whoever I like to supervise me privately, I really want to get this right as the role is new and I will need an experienced supervisor to discuss cases with.

Others in the team have used a former supervisor, an psychotherapist (i think). Can I ask how supervision from a psychotherapist would differ from a CP? MY gut feeling is that the CP will be better for drawing on a range of therapies and some of the cases are quite cbt heavy, they'd be better for helping a range of difficulties. I'd need the supervisor to have a good working knowledge of early years mental health and to understand asd would be an advantage as I have a qualification in the area and have some asd children on my caseload. Also to have a good working knowledge of camhs and the nhs. I am a bit biased as I had a truly excellent cp supervise me in my last role and know now what good supervision is, I can't really quantify it in words only to say that I never felt alone with anything, I left feeling 'back on track' where there had been stumbling blocks. I really saw myself develop as a clinician too because their expertise really helped me.

So, I am free to choose anyone I like but my gut feeling is to go with a CP. Any ideas about where I should start?

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Re: choosing a psychologist clinical supervisor - please hel

Post by Pink » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:24 pm


I think you are right. Have PM'd you,

warm wishes

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