WAIS Processing Speed

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WAIS Processing Speed

Post by Amina » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:25 pm

Hi there,

I recently undertook a WAIS on someone with above average FSIQ but SS of 10 for SS and 19 for coding!!!! I checked back several times and even queried my timing, but was being observed and timing checked!! Why is it so different??!!

I was wondering if it could be due to the (several actually) TBI this person experienced??


Thank you!

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Re: WAIS Processing Speed

Post by alexh » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:39 pm

Hello again. You asked a WAIS question recently and then did not respond to the suggestions people posted. That gave me the sense you may want to be given an answer rather than participate in a discussion. I find that most unsatisfying to join in. It also makes me wonder if this subverts rather than assists your learning and development.

Do you have access to Lichtenberger and Kaufman's book, essentials of WAIS testing? It's really very helpful, most services I have been in have a copy or two.

There's a few interesting papers and presentations online on the interpretation and reliability of the WAIS, for example pnns.org - to err is human 2010 which would help you think through some possibilities.

Some questions you might consider,
1. How reliable is PSI and how common are discrepant subtest results within it?
2. How common are aberrant results during cognitive testing in general and especially with those who have above average results?
3. What specific deficits, difficulties or abilities might differentially impact the two subtests? Generate some more hypotheses other than TBI.

If 3, what other test, collateral info or history might help you prove or disprove the hypotheses?

Is 1, 2 or 3 the most likely?

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