What if I don't make it? What careers are similar?

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What if I don't make it? What careers are similar?

Post by Spatch » Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:17 pm

As most of us are aware, clinical psychology doctoral training posts are the "bottle neck", where there are many more applicants than there are places. However, with roughly a 75% yearly rejection rate, it does make sense to have a plan B. So for those of you thinking of how to pack your parachute, listed below are some of the possible options of working in a similar way, if the whole clinical route doesn't work out. These include Plan B/alternatives where skills/experience/qualifications from a psychology degree or experience from the early stages of a clinical psychology career path might be useful.

NB. Some of the 'Plan Bs' may be more competitive than clinical psychology.

NB. Cost for some training routes may seem prohibitive but may be comparable to taking on periods of unpaid work or taking lower paid roles in pursuit of CP. Often people work in a paid job while doing counselling psy, health psy, psychotherapy training etc.

Here are some suggestions to start with:

• Research assistant
• PhD
• Academic posts in psychology including post-doctoral posts, lecturer, senior lecturer, research fellow, professor
• Graduate Mental Health Worker
• Office of national statistics
• Market research
• Pharmaceutical companies
• NIHR/NHS research programmes e.g. NIHR funded projects, R& D departments
• Clinical Audit professional
• Quality Manager
• Think tank/Charity
• Survey company e.g. Picker Institute
• Information Specialist/Librarian

Health psychology/clinical work
• Health psychologist – do through paid employment with doctorate course?
• Smoking cessation adviser
• Weight Management Adviser
• Physical activity coordinator

• Bupa graduate scheme or vacancies
• NHS management scheme
• NHS England jobs
• Department of Health jobs
• Virgin Health Care
• Public Health Consultant training
• Cabinet Office nudge centre
• Care home manager
• GP practice manager (work your way up)

• Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Low Intensity Worker AKA 'Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner' or PWP
• CBT therapist, PWP tutor, Senior PWP, High Intensity worker
• Primary Care Mental Health Worker
• Graduate Mental Health Worker
• Psychoanalytic psychotherapist
• Cognitive Analytic Therapist
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
• Counsellor
• Mental Health Nurse
• Occupational Therapist
• Applied Behavioural Analyst
• Drugs worker
• Youth worker
• Support Worker
• Care Assistant
• Residential care worker
• Counselling Psychologist
• Probation Officer
• Forensic Psychologist
• Graduate Medicine
• Mindfulness Teacher/Therapists
• Sex and relationships therapist
• Service User Involvement Worker
• Speech and Language therapist
• Arts therapist – art, music, drama, dance and movement
• Play therapist
• Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (Scotland only)

• Teacher
• Special Needs teacher or case manager in specialist school
• Study skills/Academic advisor (higher education, FE colleges)
• Widening Participation job (higher education)
• Teaching fellow
• Educational Psychologist
• TEFL teaching
• Creative workshop facilitator for children, people with learning disabilities etc.

Related charities e.g. mental health/health charities
• Charity fundraiser
• Project Manager
• Policy job
• Campaigning

Other possible jobs where psychology experience/knowledge/skills might be an asset:
• Work for companies selling psychometric tests/materials
• Alternative therapist
• Physical health jobs e.g. podiatrist, physiotherapist etc.
• Management Consultant
• Occupational Psychologist
• Civil Service fast stream
• Careers Adviser
• Information worker e.g. citizens advice for similar
• Fitness Instructor
• Marketing
• Any role that involves interviewing people
• Human Resources Manager


Family Therapist


Mental Health Nurse

Social Worker

Therapeutic Foster Carer

Teacher/Special Needs Coordinator

Support time and recovery worker

Research Assistant/Associate

Group worker

Art Therapist

Drama Therapist

Play Therapist

Family Nurse Partnership Nurse

Health Visitor

Children's Centre staff

Family Support Worker

(Please add to, and expand)

To add to this thread, mungle made some helpful suggestions of other training options where a core profession is not always required:

With the EQL ruling (http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p ... 38/638.pdf), the fees for these might be much higher if you have already completed a Msc (e.g. in research methods).
The links below are only there to give examples and there might be courses running closer to where you live.

Arts therapy (music therapy, drama therapy, art therapy) (accredited programmes can be searched through the HPC website)
http://www.hpc-uk.org/education/program ... mit=Search

Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist

CBT Psychotherapist

Family therapy: http://www.aft.org.uk/training/view/tra ... urses.html

Group Analysis: https://www.groupanalysis.org/Training/ ... urses.aspx

Child Psychotherapy https://childpsychotherapy.org.uk/node/664

Counselling qualifications

Psychoanalytic therapy Adult: https://tavistockandportman.nhs.uk/trai ... al-health/
Child: https://tavistockandportman.nhs.uk/trai ... -families/

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