Contributing to Wikipedia

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Contributing to Wikipedia

Post by Paul Wicks » Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:20 am

"Wikipedia" is an online enclyclopedia that anyone can edit. Its high Google page rankings mean that for many searches, information from Wikipedia is the first hit. That means that writing for Wikipedia can mean that your content gets distributed to a wider audience than journal publications or other science communication exercises, and your knowledge can be combined with everyone else's to create an amazing free-to-access and advertising free resource.

For instance, Googling "Beck Depression Inventory" comes up with the Wikipedia entry as the second hit:

By adding to Wikipedia you can provide content that will be used by colleagues, students, and service users to help understand psychology better. Furthermore, hard copy and CD-ROM versions of Wikipedia will be distributed for free (or at low cost) to schools and developing countries. Therefore what you contribute can be incredibly valuable.

As psychologists, here are some projects you might be interested in joining: ... uroscience ... ogy/Review (though the last activity on this was several years ago)

There is also a separate psychology wiki here:

Note: If you have a suggestion about how to improve or add to this wiki please post it here. If you want to discuss this post please post a new thread in the forum. There is information about the structure, rules and copyright of the wiki here.

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