The Qualified CPs section

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The Qualified CPs section

Post by miriam » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:08 am

You might not know it, but we have 60+ qualified CPs in our peer consultation group, so this is a fantastic network of peers to be a part of.

The qualified peer consultation section of the forum is an area hidden from view except to members of that group which provides a safe and confidential space to discuss professional issues amongst a group of qualified CPs who share similar values and training. It is suitable for discussing clinical, supervision and organisational issues (although the general forum guidance applies and we would still advise that posts remain within HPC and BPS guidance and do not include confidential or defamatory material). The group is designed to cover any issues which could not be posted in the main forum section - so please use the appropriate section on the general forum if posts may have wider interest and do not require the protection of this section.

In order that the group benefits the forum and the forum benefits the group, we would encourage members to also post in the wider forum, contribute to discussions, and share their knowledge and experiences with those further down the career path. We also want the members of this group to be familiar with how the forum works and to share the values of professionalism the forum aspires to. We have therefore set an expectation of members having been involved in the wider community and of them not requiring moderation. Moderators who are not qualified CPs cannot access this section, so it is lucky that we have several qualified moderators and admins. The moderators retain the right to expel anyone from the group, or to refuse entry to the group where there is any concern about the member's professionalism, ability to hold information discussed within the group confidential, or any breach of the general forum guidance. Such exclusion might be temporary or permanent according to the discretion of the group moderators, who generally try to take the least action possible to ensure the smooth running of the site.

Signing Up Process

We admit people who are a qualified CP registered with the HCPC who have been a member of the forum for at least 12 weeks, and have made at least 10 posts on the forum without any need for moderation. They then need to be validated. We do this by asking anyone who wants to join the group to send an email from a work email address giving their HPCP registration details and their forum ID to the forum email address ( Unfortunately, to keep the group consistent, we do not allow membership for other categories of practitioner psychologist or to those practising outside of the UK or who are not HCPC registered.

If you have any questions about the qualified section, feel free to post on this thread or to contact one of the qualified moderators or admins. These include:

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