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Post by miriam »

Welcome to:

fragglerocker - great name BTW , and I am very jealous about Japan, we visited last year and would have liked to have stayed longer and seen more

Keeley - my icecream faves are flavours like fudge/toffee-pecan, or cookie dough if it doesn't have chocolate chips

kelebek - you remind me how long it has been since I've been to the gym/pool and how lovely a swim would be in this hot weather

and angie - I've been admiring nurses this month, so lets hope it isn't a grass is greener thing and we live up to your expectations!

Hope you stay around and continue to join in :)

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Post by angie25 »

miriam wrote:...and angie - I've been admiring nurses this month, so lets hope it isn't a grass is greener thing and we live up to your expectations!

Hope you stay around and continue to join in :)
I agree with you Miriam, there is a lot to respect. Unfortunately many nurses like myself, have become fed up with the lack of support from senior management. Whistleblowing is encouraged as a component of good practice, often nurses are working under unethical working conditions and witness at times a lack of professionalism which places your own registration at risk and does nothing to help those whose mental health is already fragile.

I have no doubt other professions have similar problems. However sadly ideal standards are always promoted in theory, but in practice it can be an entirely different story. When you spend several 12hour shifts with colleagues who are so burnout and describe patients as "time wasters" and at times other choice descriptions it's hard to stay motivated.

Looking forward to contributing :D
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Post by escapee »

welcome everyone :D

That's an interesting question kelebek, about differences between online and offline selves - I wonder if you fancy starting a new thread with the question and see what sort of discussion it sparks?
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Post by KimB »

Hello everyone,

I have been following the forum for quite a while now so it is time for me to introduce myself.

My name is Kim (male), I am 27 years old and currently working in Sweden as a registered psychologist (clinical neuropsychology).

I live with my girlfriend and cat, my favourite colour is black. l love to travel, big cities are my favourites.

I will be applying this autumn. It will be my first time and I am very excited about the process.
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Post by miriam »

Welcome Kim. I love Sweden! They have so much better politics, the people are (generally) friendly and intelligent, the environment is beautiful and you can swim in the lakes :) We went there for our friends' wedding a couple of years ago and it was lovely. And they gave us Ikea and spotify!

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Hi everyone!

Post by psyt »

Hi, after a few hurried posts on May finally I meet the time to introduce myself.
I am very glad to have found this forum. I consider it very nice and useful! :D
I own a foreign degree in Clinical Psychology and would like to continue my career path in UK where, differently from other Countries including mine, Psychology is generally held in great esteem.
Being 46, with some different work experiences and yet not enough proficient in (especially spoken) English, I do not know whether I will succeed in doing so, however in my opinion to carry out an experience in the British Healthcare System may be quite interesting, although beginning as a HCA or SW.
I would welcome any advice you might want to give me, primarily about how to improve my proficiency in English as quickly as possible :roll: and then about how to proceed in the career path correctly.
Thank you very much! :D
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Post by Alexander »

Howdy folks,

My name is Alex - bet you didn't see that coming! I'm a 25 year old 2008 Psy grad currently pursuing the old DClinPsy grail. During my degree I wasn't sure whether I wanted to slowly decay in an office doing research my entire life - and while that sounds a bit grizzly, I envisage it fondly - or become a Clinical Psychologist. In the end I opted for Clin Psy, as I've always found myself wanting to be directly involved in people's welfare, and feel I've developed some pretty strong empathic attributes over the years.

Having faffed about a bit when younger, I now feel that I'm a bit behind the curve, and am trying to rectify this by aggressively researching and working toward the various avenues to Clin Psy acceptance.

After spending three months as a SW in a job that sadly ended up being predominantly personal care and cleaning, I'm now moving onto HCA work at The Priory, and working bank for NHS Professionals. I'm trying to get experience working with different company types - public, private, charity - with different clients - children/adolescent, adults of working age, older adults and people with learning disabilities - and in different settings - residential, secure units, hospitals and community teams. I'd like to get a well-grounded understanding of the realities of the mental health service at ground level. I've also been lucky enough to get a PT volunteer AP post at a local hospital's pain management department. Hopefully now I'll be able to relax for a few months and focus on the jobs, rather than job hunting.

I'd just like to close with a massive 'Thank You!' to everyone here at Clinpsy.org.uk. The website and the contributions of its members have proved invaluable for me already. I hope in time I will be able to contribute my share of knowledge and advice.

Until until, back to lurking through the wikis!

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Post by choirgirl »

Welcome to psyt and @lex :) Hope you continue to enjoy being part of the ClinPsy community.

And, Alex, thanks for the "thanks" on behalf of the team (and by 'team', I mean all the ClinPsy members!) - it's nice to know that things are hitting the spot more or less as intended in terms of information provision and career support :wink: :thumleft:
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Post by zurichfaust »

I thought it was about time that I got around to introducing myself as I have lurked for a little while so thought the time was right!

I'm 29 and just about to start studying for a Foundation Degree in Applied Psychology in Taunton, Somerset. I chose to do the Foundation Degree route as it gives me the flexibility to work as I've not long been married and don't want to leave my wife in the lurch with the bills.
The course had 2 x 3 month Psychology placements which also appealed to me as I know how competitive it can be to gain relevant experience. I have just filled out the CRB form and sent it back in!
Once I have finished the FdSc I can then move on the 2nd year of the Psychology program at Plymouth so I can get my GBR status on graduating.

I'm still undecided as to which field I'd like to move into; Clinical definitely interests me (hence why I'm here) as does Forensic and Occupational. I hope to use my placements to get a better insight into each area.

Away from Psychology I like to play sports, play the guitar and piano and spend time with family/friends.

Sorry if I've rambled a bit!

Look forward to talking with you all, and making some new friends


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Post by Jem88 »

Hi everyone,

My name is Jemma, I'm 21, and I'm currently embarking on my final year of an MA in Psychology at Glasgow Uni.

I'm another Clin Psych hopeful; I've been doing various bits and bobs throughout my undergrad years to gain as much experience as I can! I volunteered for 5 months as a Classroom Assistant in my local primary school one day a week, and I've been working for 8 months as a Sessional Residential Carer in a child and adolescent residential unit. I was also very lucky to take part in a summer research post in a local hospital alongside the clinical psychologists to develop a systematic review. It's been a busy 3 years and no doubt this last year is going to be absolute murder, but I'm excited all the same!

Hope to find a post either as an AP or in the social services field when I graduate next year.

My favourite colour is red, I love cats (have a 5 year old cat called Sophie - shes the love of my life!) and saving up my money to do a bit of travelling after graduation!

Jemma x
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Post by heatherb »

Hi Jemma welcome to the forum - if you're interested in a career in clinical this is the place to be.. the Wiki's are so helpful. Sounds like you've had a busy 3 years!

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Post by Jem88 »

Thanks Heather :)

Had a read through a lot of the threads already, there's so much information here and everyone seems so friendly and helpful. It's a relief to know there are other people out there who have gone through what I'm experiencing just now and came out with a very successful career in the end. I'll be making most use of these forums from now on i think!

Jem x
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Post by cjc »

hello I am currently a multi-systemic therapy worker, which I love, it's a real challenge and when we get good results i.e. children can remain safely at home the hard work is so worth it.

I am about to start my second application and if it doesn't happen this year I think I will take a break from this application process and start a family and then see what happens!

I have found this forum so helpful, and during my last application it was exciting to see those who got on (it is possible!) and for me to know I was not the only one who had not got the answer I had hoped for this time!
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Post by Musical Mel »

Hello to all the new members who I haven't said hi to as of yet! :D

Cjc, I'm glad that you've found the forum and that you're finding it useful! Sounds like you've got a good plan for the next few years - I took a break after two attempts at applying and then, for me, it was third time lucky! Best of luck with your next application.

MM :)
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Post by emlip02 »

Hey, I am new so I thought I would say hi! I am currently doing a psychology degree at oxford brookes uni and hoping to get into clinical psychology sometime in the future :D
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