Trolls and what to do about them

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Trolls and what to do about them

Post by miriam » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:51 pm


A post (or posts) in a thread that is solely intended to incite controversy or conflict or cause annoyance or offence is considered "trolling" and a user who posts only to incite conflict or reaction is known as a "troll". Some people find it amusing to see if they can upset others on the internet, or create/perpetuate conflict. Such posts and the responses they generate tend to undermine the friendly atmosphere of a forum, and can lead to splitting. The moderators have a zero tolerance policy with regard to what they perceive as deliberately antagonistic postings.

However, be wary about jumping to conclusions or labelling people prematurely, as many posts may inadvertently cause strife as collateral damage, but they are not necessarily trolls. A negative comment is not automatically "trolling", nor is the expression of an honestly held personal opinion. Labelling users or comments as trolls is generally unhelpful, and tends to lead to additional conflict, so please avoid doing so.

Do not 'feed' the trolls by responding to posts you believe are intended to cause offense, but please click the report button so that the moderating team can review them.

The main goal of "trolling" is to incite an emotional or knee-jerk response from other posters. This desired response is typically in the form of an emotional outburst, a repeat of previous points/posts or a personal attack. So if you find yourself typing these things, or getting emotional about postings on the forum, take a breather and do not click the submit button. PM a moderator to alert them to the posts in question and/or take a break from the computer. It is only an internet forum, there is nothing so urgent it can't wait or be dealt with by someone else. You will make a more articulate case when you are not emotionally aroused.

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