Administrators, Moderators & Team Members

The guidance for posting on and any comments on the forum, suggestions for improvements, etc. Also information about our e-magazine, Aspire, and how to contribute or download your copy.
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Administrators, Moderators & Team Members

Post by maven » Sun Mar 25, 2007 2:58 pm

On we have several types of moderators and helpers, so this post is designed to explain who everyone is. I update it every time we make a change to the team, so even though it is an old thread the information should be bang up to date :)

1) Administrators The administrators of this site are the ones who approve member registrations, determine the structure of the forum, issue the posting guidance, appoint moderators and wiki-keepers, and can (if absolutely necessary) suspend membership, or restrict posting rights. They can act as Moderators in all areas. If a moderating decision is disputed, the Administrators have the final say.

At present the administrators are: maven and miriam. These are the people who have the final say in things. Prinnydood also has admin rights to assist us on the technical side.

2) Forum Moderators These are people appointed by the Administrators to help with the day to day running of the forum. They are generally more experienced forum members, and are generally further along the professional development route (such as trainees and qualified CPs). In all areas of the forum they can edit and delete posts, move threads to other categories, split threads that go off-topic, and generally help to keep things running smoothly.

At present the Moderators are: ell, bluecat and gilly.

3) Team Members These are people appointed by the Administrators to help keep the Wiki up to date, ensure spam and inappropriate content is reported, and to work on projects on the forum (eg our research, publicising the site, income generation, our e-magazine Aspire). They also help with orienting people with how to make best use of the site and linking useful information. You may be invited to become a Team Member if you have made a substantial contribution to the site (such as starting 3 new wiki topics) - so please join in, as all contributions add to the overall knowledge base.

At present the Team Members are: geishawife, firegal, curlyhair, randomswirls, will and workingmama.

The status of Team Members and Moderators is under regular review. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the moderators or team members, or any nominations of other people you think would be suitable to join the team. People who make an outstanding contribution to the forum will normally be first appointed as team members but may over time be promoted to moderator status.

We value the breadth and diversity in our membership, moderators and team members. Please note that only admins and moderators can speak on behalf of the forum, and that people are entitled to be "off duty" if they are off this forum. So if you see members of our team elsewhere, in real life, or on other forums, please remember they speak for themselves and it would be unfair to judge the forum by an individual or an individual by the forum.

Privacy: Rest assured, no-one involved with this website can view your private messages, has access to your password, or can access your account in any other way. If administrators are aware of any additional registration information that you have not made public, such as your email address or identity, they will treat this as confidential and not share it without your consent (except in the exceptional circumstances that would normally apply, such as if it is necessary to disclose that information to a court or in order to ensure a person is safe from harm, or if there is a concern about serious professional misconduct).

Please be kind to the moderators and members of the team as they spend their own time supporting this resource, and keeping it organised, welcoming and professional for all of us.

It is hard for us as moderators to steer a course between trying to keep the forum supportive and pleasant, and being perceived as heavy-handed for interfering too much. We would prefer that the users of the forum choose to post in a way that is felt by other users, especially those asking for advice, to be helpful and friendly rather than antagonistic. That doesn't mean we want everyone to agree, but rather that different views need to be expressed in a culture of mutual respect. We hope the forum guidance explains this in more detail.

Where posts are unhelpful, or appear deliberately provocative please report these to a moderator rather than responding yourself and getting drawn into conflict and bickering. The moderating team will review any posts reported and either edit or remove them if this seems appropriate. If necessary we have the capacity to warn people who break forum guidance repeatedly, and if this doesn't work to temporarily or permanently suspend their membership. We believe in taking the least action necessary to keep a positive community for us all.
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