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ClinPsyEye - the clinpsy blog

Post by miriam » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:12 am

I've continued to blog about topics that are psychological and either relate to something in my personal life or something that is topical. You can take a look at or you can jump to particular topics:

Why not to rent an office from Regus
Folding Stars – a blog about loss
Rape culture and blame
Spreading too thin
Seeking collaborator to change the world
Hope out of chaos
Not seeing the wood for the trees: A blog on progress and setbacks
Terrorism revisited
Is empathy finite? Part Two: Brock Turner
Is empathy finite? Part One: Richard Huckle
Where have all the flowers gone?
How do we know what we need: differentiating evidence based treatments for the public
Falling through the cracks – the current state of NHS mental health services
Why is there always a can of worms?
Reflecting back
Bedtime routine: The gift that keeps on giving
How to recruit (and what to do with my therapy company)
Gaining Influence
Some thoughts on causing offence: 2 Trigger Warnings
Some thoughts on causing offence: 1 Cultural Appropriation
Happily ever after: Some thoughts on trauma in the movies
Video games and violence
Wisdom, sycophants and advice that won’t work
Some thoughts on the recent atrocities in Paris
Tipping points (an unusually optimistic blog about entrepreneurship in delivering psychology)
Thinking about vulnerability and risk
If you build it they will come: The impact of making space in my professional life
An atheist view on the pope’s speech to congress
Talking about depression and seeking help
A note on the two 12 year old girls with “higher IQ than Einstein or Stephen Hawking”
To Patreon or not to Patreon, that is the question
To the parent in the changing rooms this morning
Siblings, friends and vampire bats: a story of reciprocity
If the bigger picture is too depressing, look at the little picture
Getting organised
Giving psychology away – the positive ripples of training
Wisdom and reflection
All change!
How to prioritise
Confessions of a workaholic
Sifting through the hoard
The battle isn’t won yet: Why feminism still matters and is relevant to everyone
Between a rock and a hard place – when friendship and your professional role overlap
The double bind of trying to do research as a clinician
Dressing for the job: Presentation and the art of neutrality
High on scare, low on science: a tale of charity, politics and dodgy neuroscience
How much do you have to prove? A tale of the modern NHS marketplace
Slow burn: reflecting on the emotional impact of working with chronic trauma
A shallow look at fat

Today I published a blog on why you should never rent office space from Regus, and how appalling their service has been during my recent attempt to use them. Hopefully it will stop a few people making the same mistakes as I have!

See my blog at

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