Confidentiality and data protection (+tech update)

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Confidentiality and data protection (+tech update)

Post by miriam » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:43 pm

We have just completed a scheduled downtime to migrate to a new server and update the forum software. The forum and wiki are now back up again, but it may take additional time to restore external features of the site and it may not be an immediate fix to all technical glitches - so please let us know if you find things that are not working.

Please note that the updated forum software means there are slight changes to the site layout and menus. For example, the avatars and user information are now at the right hand side, rather than the left. You might also notice that there is now a small quick links menu for signed in members at the top left of the forum post box that lets you see posts since your last visit, search for posts without replies, enter the livechat, or use other functions. You can still click on the quick link arrow after the username to jump to any post from the menu - and this works even if you are not signed in as a member.

In light of GDPR coming in, we also want to remind you that at any point you have the option to change to an ID that is not linked to your name or professional identity if you prefer (just PM an admin with your choice of user name). We can also edit individual posts to anonymise them if required.

I would also remind you to check your user control panel to ensure that you have an up-to-date email address and have selected the options that you want in terms of communication. We very rarely send out emails, and have pledged to never send more than 5 in a 12 month period, but we do let you know when you can download a new copy of Aspire, and we try to create an annual chance to give us structured feedback. We also occasionally write a newsletter, or give you the chance to participate in our research or other site developments. So we would hope that these are communications that you would want to receive!

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Re: Planned site downtime

Post by maven » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:14 am

Okay, we are back up and running, so I've edited the announcement above. However, it may not be a perfect and fully functional build yet, and we might still need to tweak the settings to block those Russian bots. For example, I can see we don't have the full features of the live chat back up yet, and we don't have the advertising widget, or other aspects of the site that sit outside the forum working yet - the landing page, the amazon store and affiliate links, aspire and other pages - so bear with us until the tech team are able to gradually fix each of these in turn, and report any glitches here. However, big thanks to PrinnyDood for spending the whole evening getting the site working for us!

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