Welcome to ClinPsy.org.uk & Overview of Site Structure

The guidance for posting on www.ClinPsy.org.uk and any comments on the forum, suggestions for improvements, etc. Also information about our e-magazine, Aspire, and how to contribute or download your copy.
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Welcome to ClinPsy.org.uk & Overview of Site Structure

Post by maven » Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:36 am

About http://www.ClinPsy.org.uk

We have created this little corner of the internet for people who are or want to become clinical psychologists in the UK. Contributors include:

* people thinking of doing a psychology degree, who want to know what it takes to work psychologically with people with mental health problems
* undergraduates who want to find out more about the profession
* graduates looking for tips on getting competitive assistant or IAPT/GMHW posts, or onto doctorate training courses
* trainees developing their practice and offering advice
* qualified practitioners interested in current issues, advertising posts, networking with peers and offering advice
* psychologists working in research that relates to clinical issues
* people working in IAPT, as PWPs, LI or HI practitioners, or clinical psychologists
* people in other professions considering whether they would like to change career and train in clinical psychology
* people in closely related professions (eg educational or counselling psychology) who have an interest in our content

Please note that clinpsy.org.uk is not intended to be a suitable place for service users or people seeking a therapist, so if this is your motivation for joining please look elsewhere. There are plenty of other sites which tell you about different mental health professionals or how to find a therapist. I'd suggest you start with http://www.bps.org.uk which has a handy 'find a psychologist' section.

Structure of the site

The site has a front page which will orient people to the site (this is set to expand and include our twitter feed and other content). At the moment there are 5 main components to http://www.clinpsy.org.uk:

1) the wiki* - a reference resource of useful information compiled by the members of the forum, including the answers to frequently asked questions (this is not a place in which to have discussions, although you are welcome to suggest new topics in the appropriate section, or add to or recommend an edit for any entry)

2) the discussion forum* - where you can ask questions, debate current issues, network with other people with similar interests, see job adverts, discuss interviews and applications, and talk about clinical issues like different models of therapy, and different mental health issues

3) the livechat section* - this is a section for signed in members of the forum only, where people can chat to each other in a real time chat room. This is a bit like MSN messenger for psychologists! Sometimes, members of the team will be on hand to facilitate discussions to help people develop their skills in critiquing journal articles, keeping abreast of current issues, gain confidence in SPSS, find mutual support with research, or discuss personal professional development.

4) Aspire eMagazine - Aspire is our e-magazine/newsletter which we circulate to members via email, and hope to also cascade to undergraduate psychology courses and clinical psychology training courses. The first issue came out in Feb 2008, and we've released at least one a year since then. If we gather more regular contributors and secure some advertising, we hope to eventually release three issues per year. You can download past issues at http://www.clinpsy.org.uk/aspire.php or click on the link in our top menu bar.

5) Twitter and Facebook integration. Our site now provides regular information on psychology news and information about the site via twitter. We aim to provide the highlights from a variety of psychological tweeters, so you can just follow one account and get the highlights instead of having to follow loads yourself. Plus we add in news of our own, and links to hot topics on the forum. Our site also has facebook integration as you can click a link to "like" any page on facebook, and you can join our group and get our facebook updates. However the facebook content is currently only user generated.

About the forum

There are many people who have been posting here (or on a previous forum) for months, even years. Some people have evolved during their time on the forum from undergraduates, to graduates, to working with clinical psychologists as Assistants, Low and High Intensity Psychological Therapists in IAPT and Graduate Mental Health Workers, to trainees, and into life as qualified clinical psychologists. Some people post every day, some just now and then. The people who post regularly might act as if they know each other, even when they haven't met in real life, because they have been part of this shared online community for some time. However, some may have worked together, met at interviews or regional groups or have gone to events where they have met in real life. We even have forum meets and events from time to time! Don't feel left out, in time you might be just as friendly.

Some people post frequently, some people post very little. Many, many more people are members but don't post at all, though they probably read a lot - this is known as lurking. Lurking is fine, it's not a term of abuse - in fact, it's good practice to observe at first, to get an idea of how the forum operates. But we're keen to help lurkers and new visitors feel comfortable should they want to post. Some might feel unsure about revealing a lack of experience. But there really is no need to worry, we all had to start somewhere! You'll find people here are pretty patient and considerate anyway, and if you do get one snappy response you'll probably get lots more that are helpful.

Some members might feel that their experiences or points of view are very different from most posters, or that they haven't had much experience at all, but please don't let that put you off as we value diversity and constructive debate. http://www.ClinPsy.org.uk is a community that anyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience, training or knowledge, and we aim to make it feel welcoming and professional. Clinical psychology (including the training system) is far from perfect - but it is open to criticism. If we all agreed on all topics, or if only those in agreement voiced their opinion, the discussions here would be the poorer for it. However, please remember to express your views with respect for other members of the community. By all means disagree with the content other posters write, but avoid attacking the person for writing it as we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Most of us get thoroughly fed up, frustrated and disillusioned with clinical psychology at some point. When others are getting somewhere with it, or really enjoying their work, it can be inspiring. But if you're a bit stuck, it can also be annoying and isolating. So feel free to share your stresses, have a moan, or ask for ideas - you'll find people are pretty supportive, and may well have had similar experiences. However, we aim to be a positive community and discourage panic-mongering. We try to dispel the negative atmosphere that can sometimes result from the accumulation of stress at certain times of year that are marked by deadlines in the application process, rather than feed into this.

We also aim to debate issues of current interest, ranging from new legislation, pay and conditions, to psychological perspectives of events in the media. We hope people will share short reports back regarding training they have done, confrences they have attended, books they have read and issues arising in their work. We also have a sense of humour and welcome fun and satire, provided it is within the forum guidance.

So, welcome to our online community!

The threads in the section entitled This website and forum will tell you more about how the forum works and what else is on the site, so please take a read. We've tried to highlight the most important threads by marking them as announcements or sticky threads that stay at the top of the list. The FAQ section* is also a good place to start for those unfamiliar with web forums.

*if you move your mouse cursor over words that are shown underlined and are in a slightly larger font then you can see that clicking some of them takes you to the page that is being discussed.

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