Why join the forum?

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Why join the forum?

Post by miriam » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:44 pm

If you are not a member of the forum, you might think that you can pretty much see everything and do everything without joining. However, you would be very much mistaken! If you are not signed in, the index (and even the search function) only reveals content in sections which are open to the public.

However, if you join and sign in more of the forum becomes available. This includes the LiveChat archives, where we have discussed vignettes, research methodology, interview strategies and had workshops about various client groups and models of therapy etc. There is also other content which is within the members section, and of course the facilities of using LiveChat itself - real time networking!

So, if you hear people refer to content you can't find, maybe this is why. Joining is also necessary if you want to access any of the restricted sections of the site, such as the qualified peer consultation section, the trainees section, and the Private Messaging facility.

Also, best of all, members have a quick and easy way of finding all content that has been posted since their last visit, with a single click on "view new posts". You will already know you can look at the forum content by browsing, searching or seeing what is new. However members have other tools: Click 'view new posts' at the top left, just above the orange bar, to see what has been added since you last logged in. Click 'your posts' in the grey boxes just below the black header bar to see what you have written, and click on each to see what has been added in reply. The little box with an arrow after the person's name in the 'last post' column will take you to the end of the thread, or the orange box with an arrow before the name of a topic (which only appears if there is content you haven't read) takes you to the first thing that was added since you last read that thread.

So maybe, even if you just want to lurk and not post, it is worth signing up!

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