Key UK policy documents, legislation and clinical guidelines

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Key UK policy documents, legislation and clinical guidelines

Post by h2eau » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:28 pm

This wiki gives a brief overview of key policy documents, legislation and clinical guidelines that are relevant to working in clinical psychology settings in the UK. Where policy/legislative differences exist in the devolved nations (Scotland and Wales) or in Ireland, these are highlighted.

All of these documents will come up in google (or other search engines) and are widely available to download in pdf format.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, suggestions for additions are welcomed as this wiki was developed by someone working in Scotland. Similarly, you are not expected to have read every single document but it is helpful to have an awareness of how policy priorities shape local developments and clinical practice.

Clinical guidelines

UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)


Mental Capacity Act 2000
Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2007

Mental Health Act 2007
Mental Health (Care & Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003

Children Act 2004
Children (Scotland) Act 1995


Mental health

- The depression report: A new deal for depression and anxiety disorders (also known as the ‘Layard report’) (Bell et al., 2006)
- Organising and delivering psychological therapies (Department of Health, 2004)
- National Service Framework for mental health (Department of Health, 1999)

- Towards a mentally flourishing Scotland: Policy and action plan (Scottish Government, 2009)
- The Matrix: A guide to delivering evidence based psychological therapies in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2008)
- Increasing the availability of evidence based psychological therapies in Scotland (NHS Scotland, 2007)
- Delivering for mental health (Scottish Executive, 2006)

Learning disability

- Valuing people now (HM Government, 2009)
- Healthcare for all (Michael, 2008)
- Valuing people (Department of Health, 2001)

- Promoting health, supporting inclusion (NHS Scotland, 2002)
- The same as you? (Scottish Executive, 2000)

Children, adolescents and families

- National Service Framework for children, young people and maternity services: Core standards (Department for Education & Skills / Department of Health, 2004)
- Every Child Matters (Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 2003)

- Getting it right for every child (Scottish Government, 2008)

Substance misuse

- Hidden harm: responding to the needs of children of problem drug users (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, 2003)

- The road to recovery: A new approach to tackling Scotland’s drug problem (Scottish Government, 2008)
- Scottish Executive response to Hidden Harm (Scottish Executive, 2004)
- Getting our priorities right: Policy and practice guidelines for working with children and families affected by problem drug use (Scottish Executive, 2003)

Physical health / long-term conditions

- Our Health, Our Care, Our Say (Department of Health, 2006)

- Improving the health and wellbeing of people with long-term conditions in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2009)
- Better health, better care: Action Plan (Scottish Government, 2007)

Note: If you have a suggestion about how to improve or add to this wiki please post it here. If you want to discuss this post please post a new thread in the forum. There is information about the structure, rules and copyright of the wiki here.

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