Preceptorship - Band 8 jobs that start at Band 7

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Preceptorship - Band 8 jobs that start at Band 7

Post by Spatch » Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:01 pm

Preceptorship is the term used for staff grade clinical psychology jobs (usually on band 8 ) that enable newly qualified clinical psychologists to work in a post, without having to move jobs to progress in their career.

When the newly qualified person starts a job preceptorship they are paid at Band 7 rate. The extra money is supposed to help them go to training programs and develop their skills for that particular post. During this time they are not supposed to supervise other trainees or MDT members, as this would breach the limits of their competency at this stage and be working outside their remit. There is also an implicit understanding that the Band 7 psychologist still needs some support from more senior colleagues and are not working completely on their own.

When they hit the appropriate banding "gateway" usually done by an appraisal of the KSF at approx 18-24 months they are eligible to move up to Band 8a, and take on additional responsibility (as well as their higher salary).

This scheme is a good idea as it stops the attrition of experience and skills for the service, as experienced staff are forced to leave jobs they like solely for career development purposes (understandably very few psychologists want to spend the entirity of their career on Band 7).

russ added:
The preceptorship model was created by the BPS and Amicus in an attempt to allow free-flow between Band 7 and Band 8a for clinical psychologists. The model remains largely theoretical, and many Trusts are either ignorant of it, or claim not to have the funds to be able to implement it.

My understanding is that Band 7 psychologists within a preceptorship are permitted to supervise non-psychologists and assistant psychologists, but not trainee clinical psychologists or qualified clinical psychologists.

However, my experience is that it is very rare to see a preceptorship working in practice. In fact, I know of none who are in one, but am hoping they exist somewhere in the country. What is more usual is that newly qualified CPs are appointed (or matched) to Band 7 posts with none of this pathway in place, no extra funding for CPD, and no route for rebanding to 8a. As such, they can often be stuck in their Band 7 post for several years unless they choose to apply for higher banded posts in the same or different department, and by consequence, are often supervising all grades of psychologist from band 5 to band 7 themselves.

miriam added:
Preceptorship is a nice idea in theory but, like Russ, my experience is that preceptorship is only in place for a lucky few newly qualified CPs, whilst a lot of others are stuck on band 7 unless they change post (some teams have no staff over band 7 of any profession in them and there literally is zero chance for progression).

As I understand them the rules about supervision are:

To supervise APs - no minimum experience, but qualified CP
To supervise other professionals - no minimum experience, but qualified CP
To supervise trainees - minimum one year post qualifying experience (used to be two years), though it is typical to co-supervise first time round and supervise solo after two or more years of experience.

astra added:
My new post does have this progression built in. I still have to have a conversation about how my CPD will be managed to ensure I get through that gateway, but the post is set up to allow it. Didn't realise this was so unusual to be honest, most (but not all) of the jobs I've seen advertised recently around Yorkshire have been at 7/8a suggesting that the progression is built in. It would seem silly to me for a service to invest in a newly qualified person then risk losing them to another service at 2 yrs post qual, just for the sake of career progression, surely it's more cost effective to retain them and allow for their progression?? I have a couple of friends though who will be in that position in a year or so whereby they have done Band 7 for 2 yrs but have nowhere to go without moving jobs.

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