Salary Structure

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Salary Structure

Post by Spatch » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:36 pm

Okay, although I am sure none of you out there would ever consider yourself mercenary, we all have to pay the rent so its probably worth having some information about how much folk are getting paid. As the available BPS website is still providing fairly out of date information, I figured it would be worth posting this.

Clinical psychologists salaries changed in 2004 due to Agenda for Change and as a profession they have done fairly well in the whole NHS scheme of things. Rather too well some may say, as we may have priced ourselves out of the job market, but that is a debate for another thread. Below are are the salary ranges for the various grades of psychologists working within the NHS. Note this does not cover private hospitals and facilities nor does it include private therapy, legal work, report work etc. Enjoy.

Based on the Agenda for Change schedule (from April 1 2017) the salary structure is roughly as follows (London posts gain an additional allowance due to the higher cost of living).

Assistant psychologist Basic grade (Band 4)= £19,409 - £22,683
Assistant psychologist Senior (Band 5)=£22,128 - £28,746

Trainee Clinical Psychologist (Band 6)= £26,565 - £28,746
(these are the first 3 points on band, but exceptionally if you have been employed on this band before you might get higher points)

Clinical Psychologist "specialist" (Band 7) = £31,696 - £41,787
Clinical Psychologist "highly specialist" (Band 8 a/b)= £40,428 - £58,217
Clinical Psychologist Consultant / head of service (Band 8 c/d)= £56,665 -£83,258

Very rare posts in senior management (Band 9) = £79,415 - £100,431

For more details check out the website ... es-2017-18

The career grades (level the majority of the profession will be at) are at includes Band 7 and Band 8A and 8B. The number of posts above this have become fewer and possibly harder to achieve, due to austerity cuts and this is likely to continue to be an issue, especially in the current fiscal climate.

Moving from band to band will normally require moving to a different post, as the banding depends on the job responsibilities, not the person doing the job, although some contracts can allow a person to move from band 7 to band 8a after a two year "preceptorship".

As a general rule of thumb, salaries in the private sector are lower than the NHS for pre-qualified posts, but for qualified posts they will normally have to match NHS salaries or even pay more to compensate for the worse terms and conditions (particularly the lack of the NHS pension scheme, paid maternity and sick leave).

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