String of jobs - Will it look bad on my CV?

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String of jobs - Will it look bad on my CV?

Post by Guest23 » Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:34 pm

Will it look bad on my CV if I’ve only worked in a job for a couple of months?

Generally speaking for those people interested in pursuing CP, particularly at the 'relevant experience' stage, it’s not uncommon to have an array of ‘high-turnover’ jobs, be they part-time, project-specific, voluntary, shift/bank-work and so on for weeks/months at a time. So in terms of starting out in a psychology career it is unlikely to 'look that bad'. Indeed, I would suggest it’s likely to be the norm to short term work, at least until you bag an AP/GMHW/research post etc (which normally have permanent or year-long contracts, though they can sometimes last for a short fixed period)…

Everyone has to start somewhere! And if you end up with a long string of jobs, that isn't neccessarily bad either. You just need to add an extra sentence to the end of any description of what each job entailed reflecting about what you learnt and what you got out of that post.

Having six months is a job is enough time to learn a lot but it doesn't show you have been embedded in the work, or you have the motivation to stick and make a real go of things. However, I think people are understanding of candidates only having had 6 months in a post as a lots of assistant contracts and RA contracts are temporary. This is often due to there being a finite pot of money given to that post for a limited time, therefore 6 months may be all you can get rather than short-listers assuming you only sticking it out for 6 months due to lack of motivation or enthusiasm.

It might help to think that doing interviews, getting a job offer, getting CRB clearance and a start date typically takes at least 6-12 weeks. This timescale means it is perfectly legitimate to accept one job to be going along with whilst looking for a better one, as usually by the time you find the job you want a suprisingly large amount of time will have passed and you will have been earning and learning in the meanwhile.

Also don’t forget, technically speaking, no one needs to know you’ve applied for a post until you get offered a job that you wish to accept.

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