UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply?

This section is for discussion relating to the Layard report, and subsequent schemes like Improving Access to Psychological Therapies where lower intensity inteventions are offered in primary care
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UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply?

Post by VicoTheo » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:18 pm

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of applying for the UCL LI PG Cert (March 2018 intake) but I'm not sure if I have enough relevant experience.
I have an MSc and have worked on various research projects in Psychology. I have no NHS experience or work experience with people experiencing mental health problems, although I've done some relevant volunteering work. What are my chances? I know it's quite competitive..

Also, any PWP or trainee PWP that would like to share what they had done before getting on training or any tips or/and any feelings about it? :)



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Re: UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply

Post by dothetantan » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:32 pm


Thought I'd add my twopence to the discussion for some more insight :D When you say you have volunteering experience, in which settings/capacity has this been in? Whilst I would say it might not be essential to have NHS experience before PWP training, I would say it would be almost essential to have worked with/volunteered with people experiencing mental health difficulties; as you can begin to gain a more in depth understanding as to how mental health difficulties can present in individuals. I know of people who have volunteered/worked within IAPT services themselves before completing the training and found this to be invaluable; as you get a direct feel for how IAPT/primary care services operate as well as the work of PWPs.

In terms of my experience, I applied for the UCL March intake for this year (2017) and got to the interview stage. At the interview, I had graduated from my undergraduate degree a few months beforehand and was working as a full-time SW in a CMHT. I had also done some befriending and other volunteering ventures pre-graduation that had led me to work within a clinical setting. I was given the feedback that I interviewed well, but I just needed "a bit more time." I then decided to seek a part-time honorary AP post whilst still doing support work. I was fortunately offered a trainee PWP role outside of London and I am two months into my PgCert at Uni of Reading as we speak :D

I would say the PWP training has given me such good insight into how to balance studying as well as full-time working. It is definitely a challenge and will truthfully only get harder, but as long as you are accepting of this from the beginning then the adaptations to working and studying should not be too hard :) I would also recommend that you be as reflective as possible in your statement. The UCL application is set up in a similar format to the doctorate application; in which it expects you to write your statement within 3000 characters...so short and sweet but informative is key! It would be helpful to think about what you have done so far and what you have ultimately learnt from this; and how this will make you prepared for PWP training. Even if you feel that you have not had much exposure to individuals with mental health difficulties thus far, take the time to think about what the volunteering you have done so far has allowed you to see/understand and use this to your strengths.

Even if you are not successful this time around, it will give you insight into the process and help you to think about where to improve for the next time around :) Hope I have been helpful so far. Anything else you want to ask, feel free to PM me or just reply on the thread. Good luck! :D

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Re: UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply

Post by jobrad1 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:02 pm

Hello @VicoTheo

How did you get on in applying for the March 18 intake?

I'm interested because I'm in a similar position. I'm looking to apply for this years autumn intakes at a few different universities. I have a BSc and MSc in clinical psych, 2x voluntary charity sector Support Worker roles and I'm currently working as a volunteer within NHS CAMHS. As much as I feel ready, I know how competitive these positions are.

Do people think this is enough experience to successfully get a position later this year? Any thoughts appreciated!

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Re: UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply

Post by ayub04 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:00 am

Hi jobrad1. I myself am considering applying for the fall intake. However, I'm an American living in the states so I'm not sure if I'd even be considered. I have a BS in Justice studies and will graduate in May with a MS in psychology. I work as a Family Behavioral Interventionist at a community-based mental health center. I've been doing this for 3 years plus counseling work in the past. How competitive do you think it is and what credentials are they looking for entry?

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Re: UCL PWP training: What experience should I have to apply

Post by jobrad1 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Hi Ayub02

They are competitive, as are slowing replacing Assistant Psychologist Positions (in terms of popular experience route before DClin- not necessarily role). However, your experience looks more than relevant and sufficient to have a chance of getting in. To increase your chances, I'd apply to a range of Universities across the UK, as well as looking for IAPT charities who might offer funded trainee places, as well as NHS positions. That's what I'm doing.

Unfortunately I can't give any advice in terms of international application or how that works because I don't know.

Good luck! :)

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