Fun for the weekend...

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Fun for the weekend...

Post by ell » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:52 pm

Anyone got access to these? It would make my weekend so much more fun (!)

Zimmerman, S., Mitchell, C. M., Reed, D., Preisser, J. S., Fletcher, S., Beeber, A. S., ... Sloane, P. D. (2010). Outcomes of a Dementia Care training program for staff in nursing homes and residential care/assisted living settings. Alzheimer's Care Today, 11(2), 83-99

Richardson, B., Kitchen, G., & Livingston, G. (2004). What staff know about elder abuse in dementia and the effect of training. The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 3(3), 377-384.

Thanks for looking! :mrgreen:

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Re: Fun for the weekend...

Post by MarkM » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:45 am

Couldn't think of anything more fun than that... uploading now, check your PMs (:

I could not access the Richardson et al. article, though I do have access to that journal and volume.
Full Access

Innovative Practice
Jo Moriarty, John Baruch, Murna Downs, Clive Baldwin, Errollyn Bruce, Barbora Richardson, Ginette Kitchen, Gill Livingston, Laura Freeman Asthill
First Published Oct 1, 2004; pp. 371–392
| Full Text | PDF Download | Permissions
Full Access

Book Reviews and Educational Resources
First Published Oct 1, 2004; pp. 393–396
| Full Text | PDF Download | Permissions
It IS on UCL Discovery ( ) so should be available to access there, too, but it's just not working. Weird mystery! I'd say try e-mailing the authors perhaps?

Oh and sorry this is a bit late, I bet that's made your weekend much less fun. ): perhaps it will spice up your Sunday evening!
:cat: I like cats! :cat:

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