A good age

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Firelady wrote:Hi everyone,
I am a new member and interested in this age discussion. I am 53 and just starting a degree in September in Edinburgh , which means 4 years to start with. I've given up a stressful career elsewhere to live on a shoestring and follow the psychology route.
Everyone thinks I am mad but I decided to go down this road with a view to working in some area of psychology (counselling, clinical or health). I have been advised by other health professionals that I will have no chance in the NHS and they are probably right. But it won't stop me trying.
So I just wanted to say that I am going into this with an open mind and a determination to find something worthwhile.
It is great to have a plan but sometimes the need to know exactly what will happen can prevent us from even starting!
Thanks for all the info on this forum, I look forward to using it in the years to come!

Hi Julie!
Your determination encourages me. Thank you very much! :D
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another oldie

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Hi - I guess I'm another "oldie". I am 35 - I've just completed the requisite 60 credits in psychology to get me on to the Conversion Diploma. However, I won't be starting this until Sept 2010. I'm going to do it F/T for a year - and after that (and probably after a baby as I am desperate to have 3 kids, rather than the 2 that I already have) I am hoping to start a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology in September 2012, but which time I will be 37. All being well, therefore, I will be at least 40/41 by the time I finish the doctorate. This is optimistic, however, as in the meantime I will need to get more counselling/therapeutic experience. Plus I have 2 young kids and may have another - which will also make everything that much longer/harder I'd imagine.
Anyway, none of this is putting me off at all. I really don't think age is that big an issue - in fact I think it's a very positive thing in regards to a career like psychology. In addition, we're all going to have to work for longer and longer as our health improves and we all live that much longer. Retirement at 65 is outdated. My mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law are still all working, not out of necessity, but enjoyment and they are 68,70 and 71 respectively.
In other words, we're all actually rather young in terms of our working years. Good luck to you all!
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Re: A good age

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Hi Astra

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am 27 years old and have started the undergraduate programme. I would like to know did you study masters or phd before applying for the doctorate training? or is it sufficient to have a degree with experience?

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Re: A good age

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I only had a degree (First Class) and experience. I had 3 very varied Assistant Psychologist posts and a baby between graduating and getting on the Doctorate! I did some voluntary work for the Samaritans and a befriending service for young people in the care system before securing my first AP post. For about 10 months I did temp admin work whilst volunteering and applying for about 50+ AP posts, I also did a year working as a secretary not pursuing psychology at all so I graduated in 1998 and started the Doctorate in 2003, but they were a busy and enjoyable 5 years, looking back I see no reason to have done anything very differently at that point to hasten the process. I've been qualified and working in the NHS part time for about 7 years now and am venturing into private practice now too. Oh and that baby I had is 12 and a half now and relatively unscathed by my pusuit of this career!
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Re: A good age

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hi astra

I would like to say you have been such an inspirational to me. As I have mentioned I am 27 and on the first year of my course but I am always worried whether I would get a AP post or even get into doctorate programme with my age. what surprises me is that your past situation is similar to mine as I want to have a child after graduating or while doing the AP post. I previously worked as an administrator but found it very depressing and realised I would like to have a rewarding career.

thank you for your reply and I wish you all the best with your private practice.

kind regards
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