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What To Do...

Post by intime » Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:53 pm

I'm in a bit of a despondent "what do I do now" funk so forgive me!

I'm moving in with my fiance so naturally changing job as part of the relocation process. We're getting married in June which is going to be a fairly stressful/time consuming endeavour! Part of me wants to never do support work again due to an experience with a sub-standard company and having to work with "the worst client in the county" in terms of violent, challenging behaviour. (Whether he is or not who knows? I just have the scars and nightmares to prove I was there :eye: ). That said I feel like a year out of "psychological" work would be dim-witted at best, despite the fact I'll be doing a distance learning MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology.

There's not loads of psych work going in rural mid-Somerset (just got turned down for the only assistant psych position I've been able to find) and it seems support work is my only real option, not that there's much of that going in LD/MH around here either! I'm not crazy about working with older adult populations and after the 10 months at the last place I don't want to have to force myself through a job I don't really enjoy again but most work is with older adults.

I've applied for an admin role at an LD college but the pay isn't incredible and it isn't going to do much for me in terms of gaining psychology experience. I feel like I've run myself out of options!

As background I have a 2:1 and during my undergrad I was involved in a competitive work experience placement scheme and a research experience scheme. I did an internship with a church as a post-graduation gap year and have 10 months support work under my belt. Will be doing aforementioned MSc as of September.

I don't really know what I'm asking for but any advice (or cheeky job offers :lol: ) is gratefully received.

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Re: What To Do...

Post by kathryn » Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:29 pm

Have you ever worked with older people? I did an AP job with older people and didn't think it would be my bag and I absolutely adored it! You might surprise yourself.

There are plenty of roles that are relevant apart form support work/AP jobs - and loads of tips of where to find them on this forum. Job markets are always changing and just because there aren't any positions now doesn't mean one won't come up in the future.

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Re: What To Do...

Post by WindWhisperer » Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:40 pm

I was the same as Kathryn - Before my first AP post in OA I really didn't think I'd enjoy it and by my own admission had a lot of preconceptions about what it would be like... instead I loved it so much that six years later I've sought and gained my first qualified post in older adult settings. It might surprise you! (and if you haven't already had experience in that area it sometimes pays to be able to demonstrate work in a variety of fields at DClinPsy application stage if this is something you're planning on doing).

Also, enjoy planning your wedding! :)

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Re: What To Do...

Post by Bobgirl » Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:24 pm

Hi WindWhisperer

I might be thinking totally differently from other people but reading your post it struck me that first and foremost the important thing is to look after yourself. If you take time away from mental health work, is it really such a bad thing? You have clinical experience and you will still be involved in an MSc which is relevant in the field. If you took 6 months out to re-motivate yourself, I wondered whether you would be able to reflect on the time out as needing to take a job that paid enough to support you to do the MSc. There are lots of jobs that have transferrable skills that could allow you to reflect on this and use within Clinical Psychology. Career paths are not smooth and as long as it looks like you are passionate about the field (which is clear from your post) I wouldn't think it would impact on your application, if this is what your worried about.

Anyway this was my random ramblings. Feel free to ignore ;-) good luck x

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