Postgraduate or experience?

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Postgraduate or experience?

Post by Ccorness90 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:59 pm

Hi everybody, hope you’re well.

I have read numerous posts the forum and have found some truly brilliant posts; however, I still have a few things that I am unsure of.

I have completed my Psych degree and will graduate in November with a 2:1, but only managed 64/100. Is 64 classed as a low 2:1? I worked full-time throughout the entirety of my degree, however this was not in a Psychology related discipline, so I now plan to have a year out to gain some clinical experience.

I will be returning to university in September 2020 to complete an MSC in Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience, as I have found these topic areas are where my interests’ lay. As the DClinPsy requires extensive academic, clinical and research experience, would an MSc be classed as research experience, or would I need to seek a Research Assistant post in addition to clinical experience?

Further to the above, would it be beneficial to complete the above MSc in Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience, or would it be advisable to complete a MRes?

In order to obtain a place on the DClinPsy, is it a necessity to have voluntary experience? The only voluntary experience I have is a 3-month voluntary research assistant post, working alongside an Associate Lecturer during my first year of study. I have found it quite difficult to complete voluntary experience as I live alone and have other financial commitments. Would the 3-month period suffice?

Thank-you for reading my post, I await the replies 😊

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Re: Postgraduate or experience?

Post by maven » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:00 pm

This sounds like you don't really know the basics about the career path, so you might want to read the wiki and some of the pinned threads.

There is no compulsory components of the experience you need to gain - you just need to show you can think like a psychologist, with reflective scientist practitioner skills, know the boundaries of your own competence and how to use supervision. If you can get paid work that is relevant there is no need for voluntary. If you get research experience in your masters you probably won't need a research post. Nobody has absolutely everything, and even if you did it wouldn't guarantee a place without the personal qualities and ability to reflect on your experience. The MSc you choose should reflect your interests, rather than trying to tick boxes for a course application - bear in mind you need to excel in it, and even then not every course will accept an application because of your undergrad mark.

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