International applicant for AP posts in UK

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International applicant for AP posts in UK

Post by agill » Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:52 pm

Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm on the right thread (sorry to bump this 8 months later!) so please direct me accordingly and my apologies in advance.

Long time lurker, just finished my masters at KCL and am looking for AP posts in the UK. I'm an international applicant, still on a Tier 4 visa. My question really is, what are the chances of an international securing an AP post in the UK? I had an offer withdrawn from me because the company did not realise I was an international applicant till I was meant to sign the contract (lol?) and some others had told me after my interviews that they were rejecting me solely for that reason.

Strange to me considering how multicultural the UK is.
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Re: Qualified in psychology abroad and want to work in the UK?

Post by reishi » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:35 pm

Hi agill,
As a person who walked the same steps, I must say that unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible for you to be employed if your employer needs to obtain a visa for you. This is because of current immigration rules. The only way to employ a non-UK/EU person is to prove that this post was not wanted by any eligible UK/EU citizens. Although in some work contexts that would be possible, AP jobs are very competitive and so no employer could argue that successfully. Unless the post is fixed term for a couple of months (so you could use what is left on your current Tier 4 visa), or you obtain a long-term visa via other means (for example if you are to be married to a UK citizen and get spouse visa), I think your chances to secure an AP post would be very slim because they legally can't employ you.

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Re: Qualified in psychology abroad and want to work in the UK?

Post by miriam » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:32 pm

Yup, sorry. An employer is not legally allowed to employ an international candidate unless there is a shortage of UK citizens for that particular post, and the visa process requires a lot of bureucracy that simply wouldn't be worth my time for a position in which I could recruit 100 other people who would likely be as or nearly as good as the international candidate.

Plus the UK is increasingly openly xenophobic, what with Brexit and the hostile environment etc, so I think this is likely to get even worse as we leave the transition period with the EU.

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