Clinical Psychology Doctorate Interview Advice

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Re: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Interview Advice

Post by astra » Wed May 11, 2016 4:07 pm

My take on it, from the interviewer's perspective, is that you need to look like you meant to get dressed and attend the interview today - and not look as if you stumbled in off the street by accident. Smart and professional looking is good, smart casual can work - e.g a decent black or coloured (but not denim) jegging with nice shirt or dress and cardi combo with good shoes for girls, a smart jeans style trouser (i.e not denim) with jacket and shirt and proper shoes for boys is about as casual as I would suggest you can get away with. I really don't think ties and suits are essential, but I do think proper shoes and avoiding denim or sportswear or anything badly worn-looking are the minimum rules. It's about looking professional and suited to the role and recognising that it is a senior, professional role that you will be training for. I don't think there's any advantage in overdressing, but if you are comfortable in very dressy clothing then fine, you'll at least stand out visually. What is really hard for interviewers is to remember who is who and if everyone turns up in a grey/black/navy suit and muted shirt that task is even harder. I've had countless conversations with fellow interviewers over the years along the lines of "no I mean the one with the purple hair/spotty jacket/big earrings" etc. YOu probably don't want to be the one we remember for the wrong reasons - excessive cleavage on display, sports-casual, falling off your towering heels and breaking your ankle on entry - that sort of thing, whilst memorable, doesn't help your cause :wink: There are no hard and fast rules, but a bit of common sense and respect for the process is definitely wise.
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Re: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Interview Advice

Post by Geishawife » Wed May 11, 2016 5:18 pm

There is also, to my mind,the element of respect involved here as well. I don't think anyone would argue that we need to demonstrate respect towards our clients, show them we take their concerns seriously, and part of that is dressing appropriately. Bare midriffs, clothes that look like you've slept in them and hair that's not been washed in a month are unlikely to go down well with clients and it pays to show the interviewers you've thought about such issues. I do also think, however, that we as interviewers should show candidates a similar level of respect and dress equally appropriately. I have been irritated in the past by fellow interviewers showing up looking a bit of a mess and then expecting interviewees to dress like Coco Chanel!


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