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UEL interview

Post by anniecat » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:33 pm

Hi everyone

I have a been fortunate enough to get an interview at UEL. They interview on 4 and 5 May. Unfortunately I have a medical procedure scheduled for the day of my interview (4th) that I have been waiting for for some time. I have contacted UEL and they cannot change the interview day as they do not have a space on 5th May at the moment. If there is anyone who is due to interview on 5th May and would prefer the 4th, I'd really be grateful if you could let UEL know.

Congrats to everyone with positive news and big hugs to those who have reds this year... This is a tough process and the standard is so unbelievably high. I think we can sometimes forget that. I think we should remember that even many of our well respected and clearly capable already qualified colleagues would not have got on training had they applied this year (or in recent years). The success rate was 28% in 2005 and only 16% last year. So a tough game has got so much tougher. Not getting an interview or a place means nothing about who we are or can be. Of course it is massively disappointing and I don't want to minimise that but I really hope we all can be kind to ourselves this weekend and in the coming weeks.

Many thanks

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